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Thread: Where should i aerobrake?

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    Where should i aerobrake?

    On Jool or on Laythe? Im not sure where is the most efficient place to aerobrake,i am going to Tylo if that changes anything.
    Sometimes i come retrograde relative to Laythe,making relative speeds HUGE, im not sure if that is going to be realistic when they add entry damage...
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    It just takes too much effort.

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    If Laythe just happens to be in the right position in its orbit for you to aerobrake into a trajectory that encounters Tylo in the proper direction, go to Laythe.

    If Laythe is out of position (and it usually is), aerobrake at Jool.

    (If you're encountering Laythe retrograde, you would also be encountering Tylo retrograde. So, you're on the wrong side of the planet and going in the wrong direction. Definitely aerobrake at Jool.)

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    It's dead easy to get an intercept with Laythe using only a very small amount of dV.

    As soon as you enter Jool SOI, do small burns to set your trajectory to intersect Laythe orbit. Then do small pro or retro burns to change you arrival time to get your encounter. Plan with maneuver nodes as ahead if you want.
    ... farewell Laythe - 'till next time.

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    Slingshot on one of Jool's moon's... rest aerobrake on Jool, thats what i do all the time

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