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Thread: Best computer to run KSP on highest settings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sokid2k View Post
    I am planning on saving up and buying a really nice computer. I want it to easily be able to play ksp on the highest settings. What kind of hardware should I get? Throw anything at me. I'm not too worried about the price. Just nothing insane like $2000+
    What matters most is your cpu and even more important amount of ram. As long as you got a half decent cpu and minimum 4gig of ram it should run pretty fine.
    When it comes to GPU pretty much any GPUs will do fine as long as they got dedicated ram instead of shared.

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    KSP has actually relatively low requirements. I've got an older mid-class cpu Athlon X4 640 3Ghz and just docked a 360 and a 150 part ship without bigger problems. Navigating and time acceleration is a bit slow, but works fine otherwise, since the game slows the time down to some degree. Of course, you need more patience this way. Until now the game didn't use more than 4gb ram, but this seems highly relateted to the ammount of mods you use. Still, i'd recommend at least 8gb.

    But I dont' think you should measure your new pc on the requirements of KSP if you also want to play other games. The next console generation will bring a big step forwards in graphics and physics. Especially the last one was very limited with this generation. The best, or at least less costly idea would be to wait for the next consoles. That will show you how good your hardware needs to be for the new games. And more importantly, competition will also pick up, since many gamers will again have reasons to upgrade their systems, so the prices will go down.
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    Graphically, KSP isn't too intensive at its highest settings, as it's just DX9. It hits the CPU and memory hardest. Expect optimizations to come in future updates. There is one involving loading times and memory usage coming in the next update.

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    I'm running a PhenomII 955 quad @ 3.2 ghz with a good cooling system and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti, 8G ram

    starts complaining at 750'ish parts.

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    When you say "starts complaining at 750'ish parts" do you mean the computer actually starts stuttering or is that when the game first starts slowing down time (yellow timer)?

    Because that would be amazing. My computer starts slowing down around 200 parts and becomes difficult to play at 300 and is just a slide show at anything over 350.

    I have a:
    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.7GHz;
    4 gig ram, and
    GeForce 8800 GTS that has been through the oven a few times to fix weakening solder joints (the card is almost 6 years old at this point)

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    starts slowing down @ 650 - 675 750 it starts the stutter thing. I can get a decent sized station going before it gets really hard to dock to.

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    Yeah that's a pretty old machine for KSP.

    This is my machine, and it starts getting slow around 500-600 parts, depending on how many struts are in use and how much motion/thrust is happening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FCISuperGuy View Post
    No, KSP runs 100% fine on my 64 bit laptop, no tweaking of settings.
    All Modern CPu's sold today are Hybrid meaning they can run both 32 and 64 bit programs, exceptions to this being some Atom(32 only) and Xeon(64 only) processors.

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    Phenom II 3.4 - $95, 8 GB ddr3 1333 Mhz - $50, Radeon 7770 Ghz - $125, Corsair H80i $95, look on friends face - Priceless

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    For me the game is very playable with around 750 parts, though it begins to rapidly grind to a halt as I edge closer to that thousand marker. Unfortunately, my 1100-1200 part orbital constructed battlecruiser is sitting in orbit, wishing that more than one core could be used to process its physics so that seems at which the game basically becomes unplayable. That's with a Core i7-3930K and 24GB of RAM.

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