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    Hi everyone!

    Aside from just saying hello to the Kerbal Universe in general I also wanted to say a quick thankyou to Squad and all the KSP devs for creating such an awesome game! I haven't enjoyed a space game this much since back in the early / mid 90s, an old game called "Frontier: Elite II" and the followup "Frontier: First Encounters" by David Braben were (at least to me) two of the best open ended space games ever made. While they don't share anything directly in common, I believe KSP has captured a similar immense scope and freedom of exploration / imagination that I enjoyed in those games.

    But anyway that's enough nostalgia, so after spending numerous hours messing around in the KSP Demo and causing a sizable dent in the Kerbal Astronaut population I decided that once I'd made it to Mun and back I'd get the full game. Thanks to the awesome videos and tutorials from Scott Manley (and others, but mostly Scott's) I made it to Mun, crash landed, sent a rescue ship that landed safely but didn't have enough fuel to return, I finally made a successful voyage there and back so I picked up the full version!

    Since I didn't want to repeat the same Kerbal culling in the full game I figured I'd start out with some unmanned (unkerballed?) missions. Like many I graduated from the "Wile E. Coyote school of Rocket Science", so after many hours of comedy misfires, boosters launched without payloads and rockets falling over on the launchpad I finally got the staging in the right order and put some things in orbit.

    Here's one of my Stayputnik class Orbital Probes, this one is furiously probing Mun from orbit..

    ..and my KerbNET Comms Satellite that is currently broadcasting across Kerbin!

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    Welcome to the forums.

    Nice satellite designs! My own sats tend to be smaller and utilitarian (read - boring ), maybe it's time to get a little more creative.

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    That first pic is similar to what I've been putting in orbit. I have 2 around Kerbal, one equitorial and one polar, one around the Mun equator, and one around the equator of Minmus. And I'm just getting started launching these little satellites. I plan on 2 for each planet and one around each moon, just to say "I was here", and to find out for myself about how much fuel it takes to get to each one before a landing attempt. I could read about or watch videos on getting to each one, but that spoils the challenge.

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    Cool Welcome to the KSP Forums!

    Happy Launching!

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