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Thread: [New Rebuild!] Apollo Replica "Munbug XI" Saturn V, CSM, Lander, Buggy and A.L.S.E.P

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    [New Rebuild!] Apollo Replica "Munbug XI" Saturn V, CSM, Lander, Buggy and A.L.S.E.P

    MUNBUG XI - UPDATED - 1st November 2013

    Once again I have completely rebuilt Munbug from the ground up! New features include...

    New, more accurate lander! (Complete rebuild, smaller and closer to Apollo "spider")
    New, more accurate fairings! (prettiest Saturn V yet!)
    New service module (now works as a proper service module - contains batteries, generator, rcs etc)
    New Command Module (concealed chutes, more accurate docking clamp)
    New buggy / stowage system.

    Demo of the new improved Munbug fairings!


    If you fly this correctly and attain a Free Return Trajectory using the third stage there will be no space debris at all from this craft.... all fairings, the third stage etc will all return to Kerbin after orbiting the Mun and crash into the surface!

    1. Open emergency chutes and detach escape system (after launching escape system)
    2. Toggle RCS on Lander
    3. Deploy dish and antenna on CSM
    4. Jettison storage hatch on lander base (to access rover)
    5. "Soft" rover deploy - just releases rover (best used when on slope)
    6. "Hard" rover deploy - releases rover and fires sepratron to push it out (for when soft deploy isnt enough to get the rover out! make sure lander has SAS and RCS on first to avoid tipping!)
    7. Shut down descent stage engine on lander (can be useful before launching ascent stage)

    HOW TO LAND ON THE MUN! This is the old munbug but this is still the most efficient way to land ANY lander...

    The Craft File!
    Mediafire Download -
    Spaceport Download - will be updated to Munbug XI soon!... it's late here!

    Get my custom flag here! -

    Some pictures of Munbug XI in flight.

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    Munbug II
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    My other craft, click images to go to each thread.

    "The Space Race" is my ever growing super thread where I recreate the entire space race from the 1940s onwards in one save game... ship, by ship, month by month!

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    Wow. That has to be one of the greatest looking landers I've ever seen.

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    You sir has done an amazing job !

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    Oh my god. There are simply no words. Amazing. Best Munbug yet!

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    your rockets are the most efficient, easthetically pleasing, and most of al functional peices of work i have seen done in ksp, so to all the devs tha are reading this, i suggest that you get mulbin to re-design and design other stock rockets.

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    Wow this is awesome, that must be one of the best looking landers around, good job.

    I didn't survived the Great April Derp.
    RIP Pfl thread (15-06-2013)

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    What is this I don't even....

    That lander :O

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    Very creative Mulbin.

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    all those tanks....

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    Wow... Just great! Really, time has become to have another space race!

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