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Thread: IDA Frigates -- Orbital Art and Functional Interplanetary Hauler

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    IDA Frigates -- Orbital Art and Functional Interplanetary Hauler

    Having mastered (somewhat) the art of docking, my roommate and I turned our attentions to creating ships in orbit -- specifically this ship, the IDA Frigate from Escape Velocity Nova.

    He focused more on making a true recreation, and while it lives in Kerbin orbit and probably won't go anywhere else, it's a beautifully spot-on recreation of the big thug of a combat hauler we both know and love, which he'll post farther down as soon as he gets it put together.

    I, on the other hand, decided to make a ship that could carry a base to Moho (my next project in the game). It's stable, seats two, has enough fuel capacity to go pretty much anywhere, and has few enough parts that it won't be a massive lagfest, even with cargo modules clipped to all of its side ports.

    The three component .craft files with launchers and a persistence file of the ship assembled in orbit can be found in this .rar file.

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    Power of the IDA was such that I accidentally double posted.
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    The Dock-fu was strong with me as I stuck this thing together. Probably the first piece of purely spaceship art I've build and put into orbit. It went up in three pieces.

    This is my refrence:

    And this is the beauty I put together. As mentioned, I focused on making it as faithful to the glorious IDA frigate. Minus the cargo.

    Another shot, for the sake of beautiful images of space ships.

    The parts are available here. Warning: Form over function.

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    Both of them in space together.

    Now we feel the lag. Kids, don't try this at home.

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    That is awesome EV was a great series spent many many hours playing both the original EV and EV Nova. Shame they want 30 dollars for the windows version or I would install it again.

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    Far out. your making want to open the old EV nova and play it again. Good work i'm defs gonna give this bad boy a shot

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