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Thread: Debris removal tool

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    Debris removal tool

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for a mod that allows you to remove debris that stays in orbit (ie. empty stages of a rocket after decoupling). Yesterday I chrashed into a fuel tank from a previous mission, and I was about to make a perfect landing on Mun. Point me to a download link please. I think I spotted a mod like that, but now I cannot find it anywhere :/

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    You can remove debris from the setting menu. I don't remember the exact name, but it's a scroll bar. You can set debris number to 0.

    Also there's a mod with sunbeams that can be used to destroy debris.

    Hopes this help a litt

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    This has a feature to remove debris.
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    Much easier is HyperEdit
    Under the Misc button there is an option to destroy whatever you want. Just be careful not to destroy some of your ships by mistake.

    Note: Use only if you are sure you won't get tempted to cheat KSP, because HyperEdit contains many other "cheat" functions.

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    Haystack Lets you "fly" debris, although you cannot control it you can end its flight.

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    My favorite solution was a powershell script that got lost in the forum rollback. Basically, you put the script in the same directory as your persistence file, run it, and in about a minute, it goes through the persistence file and removes all debris. It's been a while since I used it, but I'll look around to see if I can find a copy.

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    Before the forum crashed back in April and wiped several months' worth of data, there was a mod called Debridement and Salvage which added a part you could stick into a crewed ship, then send it to rendezvous with a piece of debris and collect it manually (and salvage any spent fuel, as well). If you're into Planetes and / or want to re-create the "thrill" of collecting garbage in space, I'd advise checking that out. Unfortunately, the Forum Kraken seems to have eaten the thread entirely, and it's not on SpacePort, so I wouldn't know where to find the link.
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    Opening screen....settings....brings you right to the "max persistent debris" slider. Set to zero, restart and more debris. Don't know why you would need a mod or script solution.

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    If there is a single piece of debris you would like to remove while leaving the others unaffected, you can edit your persistence file fairly easily. You also can click on it in map view until control switches to it and choose End Mission.

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    Or if you are very masochistic you could go up and clear it with something like this...

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