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Thread: Dumb Question about Ribbons.

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    Dumb Question about Ribbons.

    Hey all.

    I've been using the ribbon generator for a while now and I do my best to follow the rules listed here. My question for y'all is simple: since you can only have one craft device on a ribbon, what do y'all consider to be the list of "priorities" for them? By which I mean do y'all think a station is more impressive than a rover, or is a multi-part ship more impressive than a station. I have my own opinions on this; I want to know about yours.
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    Just opinion. People would probably think stations are more impressive than rovers though.

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    Great question, I've often wondered this!

    I give more weight to actually landing on a body, so a lander is number 1 for me. Thinking about it though, I guess it would depend on the individual body and the particular difficulties that come with it.

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    I'd put planes highest, but then I take the most pleasure in getting a space-plane to the planets. That or a base; precise landings are much harder than docking is.
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    Getting a Kerbal onto a planet or moon, and bring them back to Kerbin is the ultimate achievement. Stations, Rovers and multipart ships are just there to facilitate the journey of the brave Kerbanaut.

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    The official order is, or at least was, can't remember if it made it back after the site nuking, "choosing the mission that was the most AWESOME or your FAVORITE".

    Although generally most people go unmanned probe - lander - rover, manned capsule - lander - rover and then go to the above rules when trying to pick between station, base or multi-part ship. I personally display the station device for Kerbin and not the multi-part ship since of course it's been in orbit around Kerbin, that's where it was built. In my mind, big ships like that are only really impressive when you manage to fly them somewhere. Technically one of my big MPS has been to the Mun as well, but I like my epic Munar rover journeys much more, so I keep the rover device.

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    I decided to only include things I've done since about version 0.18, so everything before that has been erased. So, I'm only up to orbiting probes now, need to finish the system then work on rovers and landers. Since I'm terrible at docking, that will probably never happen. But I expect I'll remove the probe icons when a planet/moon gets a rover, then remove that once it gets a lander.

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    I think in term of impressiveness I'd go with:

    Impactor < Probe < Capsule < Probe Lander < Lander < Robotic Rover < Manned Rover < Aircraft < Multipart Ship < Station < Base

    However, it depends - a well constructed airplane, that can land and take of again is probably more awesome than two pieces of equipment, docked in orbit that I pronounce "spacestation"

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    It's your ribbon going in your sig, so the real question here is what do you find more impressive? I start with whatever I've done, and if I've done multiple things I go with whatever I'm happiest with.

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    The others would go by how difficult and/or impressive the trip was, but I know that for me, building a space station would replace any of the other ones, except for a land base, which I think is one of the most impressive feats.
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