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Thread: Kerbin Landing Chart: Land at KSC consistently from your stations.

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    Kerbin Landing Chart: Land at KSC consistently from your stations.

    Update: New & Improved Chart!

    Hi all,

    Ever wanted to land at KSC reliably from low orbit? Then this is the chart for you!

    NOTE: The x-axis is in units of 100,000 meters!

    You must be more or less in a circular orbit before using the chart. Look up your orbital altitude on the x-axis. The corresponding y-coordinate gives you your "landing phase angle".

    Basically, you want to burn so that your periapsis is at as close as possible to 0 meters, and at the given angle AHEAD of your target.

    It's actually quite simple -- check out the example in the photo album.

    Example Photo Album

    Awesome Protip:

    If you have a station in a fixed orbit, you could mark the relevant angles on a circle of paper, and use it again and again. That's really the way to go.

    Let me know what you think!
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    Interesting chart, but most of my low orbits are below 200000m and the graph is difficult to read accurately from that distance and below.
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    interesting, but could you do a scaled down version of this, covering just the 70-200 km range, so that we can see angles more accurately?

    it's not like we're going to aerobrake from a 10000 km orbit that often

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    I updated the chart to cover the more useful range.

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    Nicely done This is one for the Drawing Board.
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    So as someone who is not very good at math, can this be broken down barney style please?

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    Thanks for making the changes, much more useful (for me anyway) at that range. All I need now is something that can measure the angles for me.
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    Much better (and quite useful), thanks!

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    Yes, quite useful. If you can, I'd switch the x-axis to be logarithmic. That would make reading the values for low-altitude orbits way easier.

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    Thanks for your presentation! Very interesting, and a fun challenge.

    I'm curious about the math behind the chart that you presented. How did you derive your graph? What equations did you use?
    I'd like to be able to calculate reentries without relying upon a chart or mods.

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