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Thread: [0.20] Deadly Reentry 2.3 - reentry heat, plus thermal and g-force damage to parts

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    [0.20] Deadly Reentry 2.3 - reentry heat, plus thermal and g-force damage to parts

    Deadly Reentry 2.3

    So, I've been banging at this long enough, and need lots of eyes on this.

    r4m0n has graciously relinquished support of the Deadly Reentry mod over to me. All DRE2.X versions are released under the Creative Commons Share-Alike license.

    Changes in 2.3:
    - adjusted sound effects
    - Kerbals can now catch on fire and die when on EVA.

    Changes in 2.2:
    - Slight adjustment to heat and G-force damage:
    -- Weaker parts given about a 10% g-tolerance boost.
    -- Engine overheat damage is now more forgiving (requires >95% overheat)
    -- parachutes will catch fire even if behind the rest of the rocket, if they're deployed or partially deployed.
    - Damage can now be inspected and repaired on EVA
    - fixed ModuleManager/B9 bug (ExsurgentEngineering dll no longer included)
    - you can now set a maxTemp cap in the cfg file; any part with a temperature above this cap has its maxTemp halved, then capped at that value if it's still greater.

    Changes in 2.1:
    - Adjusted shockwave physics
    - Parts can now catch fire and sustain heat and G-force damage.
    - Engines are now damaged if they are run for extended times at an overheat (> 85% maxTemp)
    - Fixed shielding bug on Shielded Clamp-O-Tron and small parachutes
    - Updated and added 1.3 heat shield parts.

    Changes in 2.0:

    - KSP's Reentry contrails now render correctly - the contrail shifts from 'condensation' (white) to 'thermal' (red) based on velocity rather than elevation!
    - directional ablative heat shields are supported! The mk1 pod and space planes all have heat shields on their undersides, which are consumed during reentry to mitigate heat. Pointing your ship in the wrong direction causes DeadlyReentry to ignore the shield!
    - thermal physics are now more accurate! temperature is now capped based on velocity.
    - all stock parts will have their maxTemp reduced by 50%, to reflect real-world melting points. Engines also have their heat production reduced to scale, so you shouldn't notice any change until the reentry heat effects start.
    - all parts now show their temperature in the right-click menu.

    So, what I need from anyone intrepid enough to try it:

    download the mod, go places, come back, post a mission report. I want to know your reentry velocity at 70km, your velocity at 35km, and what kinds of thermal effects you experienced. If you exploded, let me know at what velocity and altitude (and what planet, if not Kerbin).

    Good luck!
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    nicely done! I will be watching this

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    First note, there's a constant stream of [Exception]: FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'ModuleManager, Version 1.0489422141, Culture = neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of it's dependencies. in the debug log
    while in the flight space.

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    It's great to see that this mod hasn't been forgotten and that it has a new owner!

    I installed the mod both in the new manner within the GameData structure and the old way directly into the plugins folder, and neither of them seemed to work.

    Created a simple "go really fast" unmanned rocket, got it up to ~2km/s around 9-10KM altitude. Got the red contrails, but no overheating, no big booms.

    Am I doing something wrong with the installation?

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    Just as a side, not, when using the same craft with the old V1.3 installed in the new GameData folder tree, the stabilizer fins overheat and explode at around 350 m/s at no more then 1-2km altitude.

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    Having no effect on stock parts with the plugin installed in the old plugins folder, heatshields remain cold too.

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    Great Plugin - KSP on hardmode

    I did a quick test run here at work and everything went as expected. Heat was generated and parts were destroyed. Will do more testing when i'm at home.

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    If this works for the majority I'm gonna use it right away in my main save

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    I`m going to school now, but I will test it and post feedback as soon as possible!

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