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Thread: If I can run 13.3 can I run 20.2?

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    If I can run 13.3 can I run 20.2?

    Hello If I can run 13.3 smoothly with a bunch of mods installed should I be fine with 20.2?

    I have 3 gigs of ram and a amd 6310


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    you'll be fine, ksp can't run higher than 3.5 gigs of ram anyways.
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    You can try using the new demo (0.18.3), link is here:
    It is almost equal in performance compared to 0.20. Some say it's better, some say it's worse, and some say there's no difference. So try the 0.18.3 demo.
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    Yeah I can run the demo pretty good just for some reason it's really laggy in the building center thing.

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    KSP's biggest problem is how much ram it eats. I don't think 3 gigs will cut it.

    Don't forget most OS' will use 1~ GB of RAM, and with KSP sticking at around 2.5-3.5 for most people, you'll be using at least 3.5.
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    KSP runs fine (on pretty rubbish graphics) for my 3 GB ram

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