Kerbin Space Programs Agency

We have successfully launched the OL-52 which is similar to the O-50.
It was a quick launch of a satellite, which was successful but unfortunately, a part of our aircraft was damaged during the flight.
When stage 1 was completed, the 2 fuel tanks detached from the rocket and it instantly started spinning. The wings that we attached to the rocket, collided with our main engine causing it to break apart. Luckily, we added 21 Rockomax 24-77 engines just to give it some more power (Because we thought we lacked propulsion with only 1 main engine.), but it turned out to be a good thing.
Without the main engines, our fuel lasted to our expectations and the power was great. After stage 3 I continued to propel the rocket and eventually escaped once it ran out of fuel.
Some more unfortunate news though: At the last minute we decided to add an additional fuel tank/Rockomax engines, which aided us in escaping. Due to an error when assembling the engine onto the rocket, when we got into full orbit our solar panels weren't able to expand.
So we have launched a satellite with no power. But this does set a milestone in our rocket technologies.
Here are photos from the mission:

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