Hey guys,

I'm not sure where I should buy this game. Is there a difference between the Steam and Kerbal store version? Generally when buying games if it is a game I think I may spend a lot of time playing and play long into the future (like I'm still playing some games from 1997 for example) I tend to avoid digital distribution/DRM if possible, but I can't find this game on GOG.com

I'm just confused because of this early access thing on Steam, do updates come at the same time if I'm using the non-Steam version? Due to the updates coming thick and fast is it better just to use Steam because it automatically handles that for you? Is there an option to check for updates in the non-Steam version or do I have to download the updates manually from a website?

If I get it from this sites store do I have to use Steam anyway, do I get a key to activate it on Steam if I choose to?

Looking forward to launching some Kerbals soon, just unsure where to buy!

p.s. Sorry for so many questions in my very first post