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    Post Add-on Idea Looking for help

    In the latest update of KSP comical information blurbs were added for all of the planets.
    This gave me an idea, why not add the same for each of the individual crew members reflecting there personalities to add more insight into your crews.
    I already started writing some of the blurbs but i know jack about programming and have no idea how to implement them into the game.
    any sugestions or people willing to help I would gladly appreciate.

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    Nice idea. There is already something similar pop up for crew in some views. You know the one which displays their courage and stupidity?
    At this point I do not know how to implement them. Skimmed the KSP-API but I couldn't find anything which might allow you to simply use those exact same screens as they use for the planets and courage stupidity. Doesn't mean someone else couldn't know or find out of course, but having a way to implement it would be an essential part.

    How I would go about it, if i really wanted it, was to make a plugin which makes a small GUI window which is fixed to the side with buttons for each kerbal on current ship, which open an new window with the blurb text upon click.

    However to the best of my knowledge the majority of Kerbal names are generated randomly from a set of syllables. I also think it's somewhat likely that Squad will expand on the courage/stupidity thing, by adding exactly what you suggest. So maybe your time would be better spent by adding your idea to the suggestions section on the forum under KSP development. (You could add the blurbs you wrote/are writing to the KSP Fan-Works section and link to there from your suggestion.)
    Doesn't mean it isn't a good idea, because it is. Just wondering if it's worth the effort at this point.

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