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Thread: [0.23] AIES Aerospace v1.5.1

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    [0.23] AIES Aerospace v1.5.1

    AIES parts v 1.5.1 for KSP[0.23.0]

    AIES(Agencia de Investigaciones Espaciales Suprema)

    The AIES project is a set pieces to make almost any type of mission, more than 80 pieces so far, engine, fuel tank of any size, Pods, fixed solar panels, SAS, rcs tank, landing legs among others. phase is Alpha and will be compatible with KSP 0.23.0

    I have taken the total development for quite some time, not only in build, also replaced and usually lead to removing the oldest for a better, even this development process continues to add pieces that can be quite useful in certain missions
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________

    These are some possible configurations of rockets, also gives us the first glimpse of how they look, each size for certain types of cargoes

    __________________________________________________ ______________________________________

    Fairing are separated by a small rocket that is at the tip and provides a safe disengaged without stopping the engine in the process.

    assembled in the following manner:

    activate (SEP A1 UR) and then covers or fairings.

    __________________________________________________ ______________________________________

    attach possibility: small motors have the ability to add simultaneously without a connection point or (node stack)


    DOWNLOAD AIESv1.5.1[0.23.0] 11 MB!mVd1kRaZ!SZ8JTR...pWyrP-dG7sMy-o


    important note: before installing AIESaerospace v1.5.1 delete the folder all previous versions

    Installation: unzip "AIES_Aerospace" in the folder "Parts"


    Thanks to Nikie to translate and order the AIES mod, I do a pretty good job!


    -Fixed the problem of animations all landing legs
    -has changed the appearance of PLOMM-S Landing and 'Expend' Landing

    - have returned the CommTech-1 CommTech-2, Comlar 1 Dish, CommTech DF-RD antennas 
    - Have changed the appearance of the antennas: CommTech-1 CommTech-2, DF-CommTech RD, CL-1 CommTech Dish, Dish Comlar 1, CommTech Omega-2G, CommTech PCF-5 Dish.
    - Have changed the appearance of SUNCAT-1B and-2B SUNCAT solar panels are now able to turn towards the sun.
    - Have changed the appearance of AIES UAE 'Cubeplate'
    - i´ve solved part of the problem presented in all landing legs, though some problems persist animation.
    -Added the compatibility to all pieces  for use in Career Mode in KSP 0.23
    -Was fixed the fuel and oxygen ratio of some tanks
    -Return antenna CommTech Dish CM-60 with a new look
    - Added support for all KSP 0.21 pods
    -Substituted fairings "t1000v2r10", "t1500r10", " t2000r10c" by  "t1000v4", "t1500v4", "t2000v4" respectively, in order to fix the problem of the unions that emerged with the KSP update 0.21
    - was completely altered the appearance of the fuel tanks MR1, CL1300, and K7 in order to improve their appearance and correct the problem Nodecollider Stack and they had
    - added two new  radial decoupler
    - added more "node_stack_top" des couplers to SV-5, SV-5 Black and Vector-B to correct the problem you had with embedded some engines
    -Removed the dish Commtech CM60 by graphical issues.
    -No doubt most notable change is the translation of Nikie, and folders to better command and titles.
    -Fixed the (node_attach) of the landing legs and fuel tanks (TuelTank 7k) (MR1 Tank)
    -Some changes to the "Command pod" at the suggestion of Nikie
    -parts are ordered in separate folders
    -added antennas and dishes that were available for RT normal parties, it is now possible to use them all
    -reduced the time separator rocket combustion Sep1ur5
    -were fixed fairing details regarding the nodes and names.
    -add new part "soporte C1 strut"
    all pieces AIES are creating Carmics ©
    use is free to all users to Kerbal Space Program, however it is not allowed for commercial use, and distribution through other unknown links, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.
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    And a new competitor to KW appears. Great looking parts!

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    looks like the new "probodobodyne" pack is out !
    seriously, this is awesome

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    Looks good, I really like the engine clusters. Downloading...

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    And out of no were comes some guy, but this guy is a important guy. Plus 1 rep for great parts.

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    So awesome, been waiting for these for days!

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    Wonderful! I guess I'm going to replace KW with this.

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    Sorry if I'm being demanding, but could you make .zip file download? I can't use .rars.
    I've been here since .13
    Spatzimaus:{Minecraft is a Lego set. KSP is an erector set.}
    -=Now If you're launching a space shuttle make sure there isn't a giant fist in the engine.=-

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    Quote Originally Posted by MinerEdgar View Post
    Sorry if I'm being demanding, but could you make .zip file download? I can't use .rars.
    Get 7zip, its free and can unpack .rar files

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    This is probably asking much, but can you(or someone?) group the parts into seperate categorized folders?? command propulsion control, etc

    That way we can select parts we wanna use much faster. I already have a lot of mods and I don't want to clutter up the game. and I really want to use your probe parts!

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