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Thread: A hello, and a call for help!

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    A hello, and a call for help!

    So, first off, hello KSP forums c: I got the game a few days ago and have been playing non-stop. I finally made a circular (or near-circular) orbit, and input to help my first orbit-capable craft would be fantastic, if you're willing to give suggestions. I have KW Rocketry and a mod I forget the name of (I installed it when I was v tired stupidly, lol) that adds Gemini and Odin parts.
    EDIT: I really hope those mods aren't one and the same, because I remember installing two. Derp.

    Anyway, here's a screenshot of the rocket. I've made successful orbit twice in a row after many, MANY failed attempts. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi MopeyKing,

    Welcome to The Land of Little Anyway welcome. Nice looking ship you got there. Might be a bit tad overkill on the srbs, fuel tanks, engines given your payload, but I always says if it flies, it's a keeper. (I don't talk about my landings.) You might want to check-out some of Scot Manley's KSP youtube videos. He does a great job of helping us all fly better. Plus the guy is a hoot.

    Anyway, the 2nd mod you downloaded with the Gemini and Odin command modules is probably the NovaPunch mod (just called NP by most people.) If you are playing the most current version of KSP (.20.2) then NP isn't gonna work very well for you as it hasn't been updated since .19.1.

    But don't lose heart, the incredible modder Tiberion who has been safeguarding and unselfishly updating NP is working even now to bring it completely to .20.2. Also the Gemini and Mercury spacecrafts with their respective launch vehicles are now in a separate mod by the equally talented frizzank. Both Tiberion and frizzank are great people too. If you ask nicely they will be glad to help you with their mods. BUT always read a complete thread or do a forum search before you ask. Just a polite thing to do first.

    So cinch your flight harness a little tighter and strap on that old leather flyin' helmet cause you're gonna to the Mun soon. I just know it.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    On top of all the things Voidryder has already said, I'd highly recommend that you check out the Drawing Board (link in my sig) for some reference materials you can use to improve your vehicles. The tutorials won't always give you specific instructions along the lines of "Always do this!", but you can always apply what you learn to make your rockets better.

    Happy landings!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Voidryder View Post
    you're gonna to the Mun soon. I just know it.
    I'm glad you know it. I'm not at all sure. I'll keep trying! :3 On the subject of tutorials, I have looked at some, and I've also been taking design ideas from other people :thief:. Just made it into orbit with a 2.5m rocket, too. Slowly getting better!

    It is NovaPunch, haha. Thanks for those pointers, both of you! c:

    Yeah, I just got to Mun with the aid of Mechjeb. Beautiful, beautiful mechjeb. The one problem with that was I uh, kind of collided with it.

    I got a 600km orbit around Mun. Best day ever.

    Space station under construction. Couldn't have done it without you guys, so tyvm! c: It's a bit shoddy right now, but hey. It's a start, and I'm really proud of myself. Docking is hard even with Mechjeb. ;-;

    Again, thank you!
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    Welcome to the KSP Forums!

    Happy Launching!

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