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Thread: dyjgau19 key binding issues

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    dyjgau19 key binding issues

    hey guys, me gain.

    im having key binding issues with the gattling gun mod on this down load.

    i found the fire key and i edited to fire using P, that didn't work, then i tried [0] and , and that isnt working. Am i missing something here again?

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    That mod is so out of date, where did you find it?

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    I want the link of download. Please, is urgent. Thanks

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    I think I got it on mediafire or something like that.

    Is there an updated one?

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    i need help. the carrier is ok. planes and parts, ok. elevator, kinda. it works but when a plane gets on and i take elevator down my plane freezes. it wont respond to anything. and when i brought it back up, the plane went right through the elevator and sat there. frozen

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    how do i download stuff from this site

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