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Thread: R-Cup Cupola Challenge!

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    Lightbulb R-Cup Cupola Challenge!

    Bob: "It sure is a great day to be here at KSC, isn't it Bill?"
    Bill: "Sure is Bob. Today we're going to observe the R-Cup Cupola Challenge! Let's go to Jebediah, or own field reporter!"
    Jeb: "Thanks guys I'm here-"

    As Jeb was talking, a giant rocket crashed, but fortunately the command module was still intact with the pilot inside.

    Jeb: "That was probably nothing. Anyway, I'm here at the spaceplane hangar to report on the contestant's results. The goal is to jump in a Cupola module and try to roll down the runway into the safety of the-"

    Again, as Jeb was talking, the module had landed the fall perfectly on the runway and started to roll towards the water, as there were falling debris everywhere.

    Jeb: "Safety of the water. As you can see behind, above, left, right, and in front of me, there is falling debris everywhere!"


    1.) No other parts except the Cupola module. No rocket assisted starts.
    2.) No cheats of anysort.
    3.) No rotating or moving the module in the SPH except as designated.
    4.) No using trim or fine controls to maneuver the module. I can't allow it to be that easy.


    You must go to the SPH and select the Cupola module. Add a launch clamp to start the timer and only lower the Cupola to avoid it from blowing up upon launch. Without voiding rule no. 3, launch and wait until physics kicks in. After that, good luck. You must turn the Cupola 90 degrees then start rolling down the runway to the sea to avoid being crushed by totally-real-and-not-imaginary rocket debris in the shortest amount of time possible. Sure, it sounds easy, but it definitely isn't. As you roll, you must continuously correct your self or fall down and be disqualified. When you can't turn back over and your module is stuck facing the sky, you are out. End the flight and record your score. It is possible, but I'm not very good at it.

    Like I said, no rotating or moving the Cupola. It should look like this...

    I forgot to add the launch clamp. Silly me.

    Good luck and Godsroll, Kerbals...

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    My Cupola spawns differently, could you post a picture on the launch pad to clarify?

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    Looks interesting. Maybe I'll try.

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    I got 383m, with one almost-tipover halfway through. Video Link

    Interesting challenge, but I would say the track is too long and straight for me to consider following this challenge through to its end. Might i humbly suggest a different (shorter and curved) track - like turning taking the road that leads to the Space Plane Hangar (Finish line = Hangar Doors)?

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