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Thread: Interplanetary Satelite ( tested on duna )

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    Interplanetary Satelite ( tested on duna )

    Hi guys,

    Just created my account here to show you all something I am very proud off.

    I have taken this to Duna and made a circular 60km orbit around the planted, now I want opinions on how to make it better and to see where yous guys think this can go.

    please let me know what you guys think of my ship I am really curious to know what people think
    I tried to make it the cleaner and smaller possible.

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    How come when I put in the link for the coffee industries modular plane I get this page? What witchcraft is this. Seriously. Click this link you'll go RIGHT BACK TO THIS PAGE!

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    Pics? Also misspelling in thread name.

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    Here ya go.

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