This is the first fully operational Variable Geometry Fighter/Bomber aircraft that Payload Orbital Solutions has released on the open market. Earlier test variants proved to be stable and robust. However, they were limited to purely terrestrial duty.
Our clients asked for greater speed and range. Once addition funding was provided, our R&D department set its brightest minds to cramming in the extra features required to make this the best direct intervention solution available on the market today.

Strike anywhere capability allows direct and swift interdiction anywhere on the planet.
Variable Geometry Wing configuration provides high stability in transonic conditions.
Auto traverse weapon mounts always keep your weapons pointed in the correct orientation for enhanced accuracy.
Integrated drop tank system designed for maximum flexibility allowing you to tailor your fuel load for the mission.

4x 450Kg non-guided high explosive drag stabilized bombs.

Action Groups
1. Switch Engine Mode.
2. Toggle Sweep Lock.
3. Toggle Outboard Bomb Stabilizers.
4. Release Outboard Bombs.
5. Toggle Inboard Bomb Stabilizers.
6. Release Inboard Bombs.

8. Sweep Forward.
9. Sweep Backward.

Do Not Under Any Circumstances Attempt To Vary The Wing Angle While The Sweep Lock Is Engaged! This May Result In Catastrophic Failure!

B9 Aerospace. KSPX. Quantum Struts. Infernal Robotics(Damned Robotics Fork). Procedural Wing 0.4. MechJeb