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Thread: Millennium Falcon V.2

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    Millennium Falcon V.2

    Work in progress. !500 parts. 920 Tons at launch. A real lag monster. The major problem right now is trying to get all the fuel to balance as it's being burned. You can see I used fuel tanks leading to the cockpit. On the other side I have smaller tanks all linked together.

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    Dis is pretty sweet yo. You could of course hide all the fuel tanks in the middle, and have some other piece (besides the command pod) be the root part.

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    I originally wanted to try it that way but I couldn't find anything appropriately sized to run to the cockpit. Maybe I'll look in to some mods and try a 3rd one

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    I think most people have tried building the Millenium Falcon at one point, but few get as far as you have. That is a real achievement.

    The falcon has both radial symmetry (best for the VAB) and Bilateral symmetry (left/right mirror, best for the SPH), and to top it off, has an extremely asymmetrical element hanging off one side, which makes ballancing everything pretty much impossible without adding a ton of dead weight as counter ballance on one side. So basically it is a PITA.

    This Skeleton is as far as I got on mine before trowing in the towel:

    I wanted it to be able to hover off the ground translate into forward motion and then airhog into orbit like a space plane. It sorta hovers (terrifyingly), translates (terrifyingly), and when I skin it in placeholder wings and bodypanels will even almost fly. sorta. It is unbelievably hard keeping the center of mass stable in all three axes to achieve that. Oh well. Someone with more patience will always come along to do it. Hint.

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    How did you get that into orbit? That's must have been near impossible!

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    Quote Originally Posted by way2smrt View Post
    How did you get that into orbit? That's must have been near impossible!
    I'm still trying to make orbit. I can get to 90,000M before fuel balance becomes an issue.

    I don't think the fuel lines work logically. The x-200-16's and x-200-8's fall together. After that balance is off when fuel is burning from the 32's and 16's that run straight out the sides and thrust puts it in to a spin.

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    That looks amazing! Hope you are able to make an orbit with it!
    Good Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zanis View Post
    That looks amazing! Hope you are able to make an orbit with it!
    Good Luck!
    I made it \0/. Two jumbo tanks with 1/5 to transfer over then dump. Then I'll send a couple ships up to top her off.

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    MOAR! i also tried a go on the falcon but gave up after 3 days XD

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