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Thread: FAR mod

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    FAR mod

    I'm considering adding the FAR mod and I'd like some opinions on it. I know it drastically reduces fuel loads for rockets which I kind of like, but I'm still skeptical, so here's some questions.
    1. Is it more or less realistic than Stock?
    2. Will I have to modify a lot of spacecraft that I DL from the forum (removal of excess fuel etc.)
    3. Is this the mod that adds realistic drag? (requiring nosecones for boosters etc.) cause that's basically what I'm looking for.

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    1: More
    2: Well, you would have to make em' aerodynamic
    3: Yes
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    1. More realistic.
    2. While you need less Delta V to get into orbit, it makes up for with making it more challenging to get there.
    3. Exactly.

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