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Thread: [0.22] UbioZur Welding Ltd. 2.0 Dev STOPPED

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    [0.22] UbioZur Welding Ltd. 2.0 Dev STOPPED

    License now open for anyone who want to feed the community with a welding tool.

    UbioZur Welding Ltd.
    Lower your part count!

    This is a welding tool to allow you to merge KSP parts together in order to reduce your part count and increase performance. You will now be able to create big space station or vessel without killing your CPU.
    The mass, price, resource quantity are kept as if you had all the part separated.

    Feel free to share your creation (either your welded parts, or screen of your craft) in this thread.

    Version 2.0 Playtest 5 - KSP .22

    Back around the forum as my IRL is gettle more settle for the summer. Continuing the development of a final version.

    malkuth fix

    Now in-game tool, Open for Play testing.
    Not compatible with 1.1, Contain Bugs

    Small bug fixes, Config files not found / Model not found
    I am busy IRL and cannot work too much on it for the moment, I am still here to help you on the forum.

    This first release is to allow you to use the mod to weld tanks / structural parts "safely".
    GUI still need to be worked.
    How to help with the play test?
    - Use the mod as you would like it to, and report bugs you find. (Check the known issues section please, and the support section)
    - If you can, play with the part.cfg file to find what is the best way to manage several similar MODULE{}
    - Note: Don't try to weld wings / control surfaces , they are not managed completely at the moment.

    malkuth fix

    Extract the GameData folder into the main folder where your game is installed.
    For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program

    Create the set of part you would like to weld inside the VAB or SPH, drag it all to the "Weld it!" button, and follow the instructions.
    You will then have your welded part available on the part list.

    By default, the tool is disable in career mode (the access for the nodes are not yet flexible enough).
    You can change this in the configuration file. All weld are in tier 8 nodes (end of the tree), so it's recommended to finish the tree before enabling it.

    All weld done in Sandbox mode will not be displayed in Career mode.

    The configuration file is in GameData\UbioWeldingLtd\PluginData\UbioWeldingLtd\ config.xml.
    You can change the position of the weld button.
    You can deactivate the auto reload of the database (useful if you have lot of mods)
    You can choose to activate all the attach nodes, or just those non already attached.
    You can enable/disable the welding in the career mode

    Known Issues
    • Crew Hatch: Game allow them only near the CoM of the part. Game won't allow several.
    • Multiple internal are not supported
    • Not all module are supported yet. (a warning message will appear)
    • Winglet/wings/control surfaces / parachutes not yet supported (cfg are still pre 0.15 format)
    • Engine with Alternator Always have Electricity to 0 (Bug/Feature of the game)
    • Multiple Engine with Fairing are not supported by the game.
    • ION Engine Animation Throttle not supported by the game in case of multiple engines.
    • CrashTolerance, BreakingForce, TorqueForce may not be process correctly (need lot of testing to find the good equation).
    • Don't use Merged RCS for rotation, the game doesn't allow it.

    If you need support,
    Use the Add-on Requests and Support Forum or PM me. Make sure you to share the ksp.log and the created part.cfg file for faster support (use pastebin or [CODE][/CODE]).
    Prefix your thread with [Ubio Welder] so I can easily search for those threads.

    I will update the FAQ as question get asked.

    Mods Compatibility
    It would take too long to support/test mods parts. So make sure you backup your save file.
    Most parts pack should work the same way than stock parts.
    Mods that have MODULE{} should be fine as long as you don't merge two parts with similar MODULE{} (A warning message will appear but still allow the welding).

    Mods creator can play with the source code to make their mods compatible and then pm me the source so I can merge them. I will not maintain this part of the code as the mod/game get updated.

    Feel free to share in this thread what mods works and don't work (work around?) for everyone to know.

    Mods reported to have problems:
    Lack luster labs
    Part Catalog (sadly)
    Some B9 does not work
    KW Roketery have some issues

    Planned Features / Update
    • Making the wings / control surface works.
    • Managing more MODULE{} in case of duplicate.
    • Better GUI
    • Advance tool to modify all value in game (as a separate option).
    • Overwriting welded part.

    Version History
    2.0 Playtest 5
    FIXED Some problem with the config file not found.
    FIXED Some problem with the mesh file when the config file is not named part.cfg
    FIXED Linux problem (hopefully need testing)
    2.0 Playtest 4
    ADDED A bit more support with the mesh and MODEL{}.
    FIXED .22 science part not showing.
    FIXED CoM now calculated with the wet mass and not the dry mass
    FIXED RCS error, and merging (cannot use the welded RCS for rotation).
    FIXED Some GUI bugs/errors
    2.0 Playtest 3
    ADDED .22 support
    ADDED Science module support (Cannot have multiple of ModuleScienceExperiment with the same name)
    ADDED Better Animation support (Cannot have multiple of ModuleAnimateGeneric with the same name)
    ADDED Transmission data support
    ADDED Configuration to allow all Attach nodes to be added
    ADDED Configuration to allow welding in Career Mode (advice to disable it until all nodes are researched)
    ADDED Support for texture and parent in the MODEL{}
    FIXED Problem with crew pod not allowing crew in them
    FIXED Jet Velocity Curve Merged
    FIXED Drag value, now is an average of all the parts
    FIXED CrashTolerance / breaking force and torque value (now 3/4 of the sum of all the parts (previous was average) to test.
    2.0 Playtest 2
    ADDED Configuration for the auto reload of the game database
    ADDED The set of part is deleted from the editor view after the weld or a cancel.
    ADDED Multiple Engine support
          NOTE: Engine with fairing does not work well(game wont allow Multiple) (Will spam log with Nullexception), 
                Multiple ION engine wont have the throttle animation (Game wont allow it), 
                Jet Velocity Curve not merged (not sure how to merge it!)
    FIXED Resource merging bug
    FIXED Multiple docking port now works
    FIXED Cente of Mass isn't offset anymore
    FIXED Description can now be change
    FIXED Engine FX
    2.0 Playtest 1
    ADDED Now Ingame tool.
    REMOVE All the  previous version.
    ADDED Mega Jumbo (as requested)
    ADDED Mega Grey Jumbo
    ADDED Jumbo-96 (as requested)
    ADDED Radial Clamp-O-Tron Sr. Docking Port 2 (as requested)
    ADDED 2x Cubic Octagonal Strut
    ADDED 3x Cubic Octagonal Strut
    ADDED 4x Cubic Octagonal Strut
    ADDED 2x Modular Grider XL
    ADDED 3x Modular Grider XL
    ADDED 2x FL-R1 rCS Fuel tank
    ADDED Radial Clamp-O-Tron Sr. Docking Port
    ADDED Jumbo-64 FL-R1 Fuel Tank
    ADDED Grey Jumbo-64
    ADDED M-4x4 Structural Panel
    ADDED Tri-FL-T800 Fuel Tank
    Source Code
    The source code is included in the download.

    All open as I have to stop the dev.

    • IRL friend Flo for the great C# help
    • TouhouTorpedo, TaranisElsu, Diazo for answering my questions.
    • Faark for sharing this great dev tip and answering other questions
    • AncientGammoner for sharing with me the code to reload the database.
    • jpfx1342 for some code fix
    • Everyone on IRC who answered my question (Plornt, DYJ and others)
    • You guys for pushing me to make it an in-game tool, testing it, and reporting the bugs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Space Scumbag View Post
    I tested it, and here are my first results.

    Before welding, 6 FPS. After welding 50 FPS!
    I can't believe it, it's so amazing! Now i can really play with it and not just lag around.
    Also i don't need struts and it stays together and it doesn't wobble anymore.

    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Manley
    Quote Originally Posted by Space Cowboy View Post
    Here are over a thousand parts compiled into a single part, however also added are the Command Module (in it's proper place), engines, and 26 torque wheels. ~ 20 FPS on my mediocre Alienware laptop. Thank you UbioZur!
    Quote Originally Posted by Zephram Kerman View Post
    Last edited by UbioZur; Yesterday at 14:32. Reason: Stopped dev
    Parle Fran├žais | Speak English

    UbioZur Welding Ltd. Lower your part count! NOW IN GAME TOOL | Forum | Dev slowed |

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    Simple but useful or more ascetically pleasing.
    I like it.

    for the radial Sr. clamp, could you scale up the stock radial adapter and remove the 1.25m -> 2.5m adapter in the center?

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    Please weld some long truss sections!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galacticruler View Post
    Simple but useful or more ascetically pleasing.
    I like it.

    for the radial Sr. clamp, could you scale up the stock radial adapter and remove the 1.25m -> 2.5m adapter in the center?
    Thanks, I will have a look for the scale. the advantage doing it as I did is that you can put it on 1m tank.

    Quote Originally Posted by theSpeare View Post
    Please weld some long truss sections!
    That is my next part I am going to work on

    I will try to update every about 5 new item I have.

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    Sr. Spacecraft Engineer whatisthisidonteven's Avatar
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    The United Kingdom
    Think you could do one with 3 of the grey tanks? I use them for my interplanetary heavy launchers and it'd be nice to bring down the part count and increase stability a bit.

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    Ubiquitous Rocketeer. kahlzun's Avatar
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    Aug 2012
    Nice! 10char
    Challenges: KSP Grandmaster,
    K-Prizes: K-Prize #1, K-Prize #2,K-Prize #3,K-Prize #4, K-Prize #5
    When are you going to add Mk2 Mk1 Inline Cockpit IVA, Squad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatisthisidonteven View Post
    Think you could do one with 3 of the grey tanks? I use them for my interplanetary heavy launchers and it'd be nice to bring down the part count and increase stability a bit.
    Will do that and let you know when it's done.

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    I love it!! Along the same request line, would you actually be able to weld 4, 4.5, and 5 silver tanks as well?
    Glad someone finally decided to do this

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    Quote Originally Posted by HoY View Post
    I love it!! Along the same request line, would you actually be able to weld 4, 4.5, and 5 silver tanks as well?
    Glad someone finally decided to do this
    Not sure if you are talking about the grey rockomax (the X200) or the tiny Oscar-B

    if it's the X200 then It's coming on the next version for 3 and 4 of them. I don't think I will do more because of the center of mass and heating.
    As you may know heat dissipation is calculated depending on how far the attached CoM is from the engine. and by welding the tanks together, this is getting really far. as a test. 2 jumbo (or 4 rockomax x200) together will overheat the mainsail in few seconds unless we are at half thrust.

    if it's the Oscar, I could be able to do it.

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    It is the 200's, and that answer works for me ill just stick the extra on the bottom and cluster on that. With these tanks engine clustering will be easier due to part count saved in struts!

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