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Thread: the number of rocket crashes i have

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    the number of rocket crashes i have


    every planet i have attempted to land on, no matter how slow i touch the ground, all of my ships explode. what am i doing wrong? can anyone recommend any good landing manoeuvres or tips on having tall and narrow ships having a successful touch down? thanks. and one more thing, how can stuff explode at a 10 mph impact!? its ridiculous!

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    10mph is actually pretty fast for running into a solid object like a planet or moon. I mean, what happens to your car if you hit a brick wall at 10mph, right? Anything over 10m/s is likely to cause damage even to a fairly robust design, and remember that the more massive a ship is the more kinetic energy is involved in an impact, even at the same speed that a small ship might survive. Take it from someone who crashed continually for 4 straight days as he was trying to figure out the landing process; it just takes practice.

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    well for start the landing gear min crash spped is 12m/s anything over and they will be destroyed. engines meanwhile only have a min crash tolerance of 7m/s

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    All my landings are at 4 m/s or less. I don't have any problems with my ships exploding.
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    Try to get your lander hovering, then slowly reduce thrust until it descends slowly
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    Well, that is about 4.5 m/s. It's a little fast for a landing, don't you think?
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    I use SAS on retrograde to land tall ships. This automatically removes your horizontal movement making tipping over on a FLAT surface less likely. There is one small catch to this method.

    If you use to much thrust to completely cancel your downward motion, and instead go upwards. You now have a new retrograde direction, and one not conducive to landing. But as long as you keep heading downwards slowly, it works quite nicely. Be sure to turn it off before take-off.

    Landing on a slope is still a problem for a tall ship.

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