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Thread: the number of rocket crashes i have

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    the number of rocket crashes i have


    every planet i have attempted to land on, no matter how slow i touch the ground, all of my ships explode. what am i doing wrong? can anyone recommend any good landing manoeuvres or tips on having tall and narrow ships having a successful touch down? thanks. and one more thing, how can stuff explode at a 10 mph impact!? its ridiculous!

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    10mph is actually pretty fast for running into a solid object like a planet or moon. I mean, what happens to your car if you hit a brick wall at 10mph, right? Anything over 10m/s is likely to cause damage even to a fairly robust design, and remember that the more massive a ship is the more kinetic energy is involved in an impact, even at the same speed that a small ship might survive. Take it from someone who crashed continually for 4 straight days as he was trying to figure out the landing process; it just takes practice.

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