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Thread: [0.90] Procedural Fairings 3.11 - manual shape controls (December 17)

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    [0.90] Procedural Fairings 3.11 - manual shape controls (December 17)

    Fairings that automatically reshape for any attached payload:

    Download from GitHub

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to use (Imgur album, somewhat obsolete)

    Licensed under CC BY terms (attribution)

    Source code

    • In career mode, minimum and maximum size is limited by tech. You won't be able to resize bases far from 1.25m at first, but as you unlock new aerodynamics and construction tech larger (and smaller) sizes become available.
    • Unlike KW Rocketry fairing bases, Procedural Fairings' fairing bases intentionally lack a decoupler, allowing docking nodes, structural parts, multiple payloads, etc. The fairing bases can be so modded as to include a decoupler.
    • Compatible with FAR. Will not shield extended solar panels and antennas however, just like any other fairing mods.
    • Bug reports, suggestions and any other feedback is welcome!

    Future plans:
    • Simple procedural decoupler with shroud for engines that lack built-in fairings and engine clusters.
    • Optional manual adjustment of fairing parameters instead of automatic payload scan.
    • Procedural nose cone.
    • Side fairing part with switchable textures and shapes.
    • More side fairing styles, matching KW Rocketry, AIES, NovaPunch, etc.
    • More complicated texture mapping schemes for less texture stretching etc.
    • Documentation and tutorial for creating side fairings.
    • Particle effects on jettison.

    Version history:
    • Updated for KSP 0.90.
    • Added optional manual fairing shape controls.
    • Fixed tech restrictions checking in science mode (patch by Zwa333).

    • Updated KAE DLL for KSP 0.25.
    • Payload auto-struts by marce155.

    • Updated KAE DLL.

    • Updated KAE DLL for KSP 0.24.2.

    • Added procedural costs for PF parts, KSP 0.24.1 is required.
    • Added workaround for Win64 decoupler bug.
    • Made "removed" node markers much less visible (they are still somewhere 10km from the VAB).
    • Updated KAE DLL.

    • Updated for KSP 0.24.

    • Fixed collider bug introduced in 3.04.

    • Added fake parts to make tech upgrades visible in the tech tree.
    • Restored TechRequired for old parts to avoid issues with loading old designs in career mode.
    • Fixed bug that allowed to cheat tech limits in career mode.
    • Reduced default fairing ejection torque.

    • Added "sandbox" tech to specify minimum and maximum sizes in sandbox mode (see common.cfg).
    • Changed mass formula for all parts except side fairings. Generally, larger sizes are significantly lighter now.
    • Part mass is now displayed when you right-click the part in VAB.
    • Rebuilding side fairing mesh only when really needed (faster in VAB, especially with FAR).

    • Updated KSPAPIExtensions, should work with Procedural Parts now.
    • A bit less restrictive tech, allowing sizes a bit larger and smaller than stock ones.
    • Trying to avoid moving attached parts after loading design or saved game.
    • Fixed wrong size of newly added side nodes.

    • Updated KSPAPIExtensions.
    • Added size step parameters for RSS.

    • Moved files up to GameData folder (no Keramzit folder anymore). Make sure to delete old mod before installing (which is a good practice anyway).
    • Added new resizable fairing bases with configurable number of side nodes.
    • Old parts (bases and adapter) are deprecated. Launched vessels should be fine, but you might have trouble loading old designs in VAB/SPH in career mode.
    • Added new part: Thrust Plate Multi-Adapter.
    • Using KSPAPIExtensions by Swamp-Ig for better tweakables.
    • Removed old keyboard-based tweaks - use new tweakables.
    • Tweaking outer diameter (with fairings), instead of inner radius.
    • Added fairing decoupler torque tweakable.
    • Side nodes (for attaching fairings) get larger with the base size to make them more sturdy in KSP 0.23.5+
    • Tech limits are not checked in sandbox mode anymore.
    • Extra payload radius is now zero by default.
    • Fixed interstage adapter decoupling with fuselage fairings.

    • Added tweakables.
    • Rearranged tech tree, added 3.75m and 5m parts.
    • Interstage adapter is available earlier now, but its radius is limited by aerodynamics tech.
    • Launch clamps are ignored in payload scanning now.
    • Payload scanning doesn't follow surface attachment to the parent part anymore.
    • Improved interstage fairing shape when its top is inside payload.
    • Added base cone angle limit to make fairings look better.
    • Part descriptions and readme text copy edited by Duxwing.

    • Improved payload scanning for interstage adapter.
    • Recompiled for KSP 0.23.

    • Zero-radius payload is now used when no payload attached, so fairings will always reshape.
    • Added parts to the tech tree (except 3 and 5m parts).
    • Moved fuselage shrouds to Structural tab.
    • Changing adapter attachment node size with radius.

    • Disabled fuel crossfeed on the interstage adapter because it confuses Engineer Redux
    • So added stock decoupler module to the interstage adapter's topmost node as to ease delta-v calculations.
    • Improved fairing shape for interstage adapter when fairing top is within payload.

    • Added procedural interstage fairing adapter that has adjustable radii and height and decouples from the top part when fairings are ejected.
    • Added conic fuselage.
    • Fixed another inline fairing shape bug.

    • Changed fuselage texture to distinguish it from fairings.
    • Fairing and fuselages' shapes can now be locked by mousing over the side fairing/fuselage and pressing L.
    • Reduced side nodes size for smaller base rings and 0.625m fairing base (for easier placement).
    • Inline fairings no longer make a top cone when they should instead make a cylinder

    • Added experimental egg-shaped fuselage (a side fairing without decoupler).
    • Moved fairing decoupler code to separate PartModule.
    • Auto-struts are now created between the top inline base and side fairings as well: wobbly payloads might still wobble.
    • Fixed bug with misplaced fairings on new ring bases.

    • Added low-profile fairing bases (base rings) intended for inline fairings. All of them have 4 side fairing attachment points.
    • Replaced base model with a lighter-looking one. It has the same size etc., and therefore won't break your existing ships.
    • Fuel crossfeed for fairing bases can now be toggled by mousing over them and pressing G in editor or using the right-click menu in flight.
    • Automatic strut creation between side fairings can be toggled by mousing over a base and press T.
    • Fixed inline fairings' not connecting with the top base sometimes.
    • Fixed nested inline fairings' not connecting to the proper base.
    • Fairing outline (blue lines) is not displayed now for inline fairings if sides are attached to any of the two bases.

    • Inline truncated fairings are now created between two bases (one must be flipped). It won't work properly for off-center bases. If you want it off-center, tell me what for and how it should look.
    • Ejection force can now be changed by mousing over a side fairing and pressing F
    • Fixed rapid unplanned disassembly of side fairings when going out of time warp sometimes.

    • Fixed ejection direction bug - how you place fairings now should not matter.

    • So added invisible automatically-placed struts between side fairings as to prevent wobble.
    • So replaced ejectionNoseDv with ejectionTorque that all ejected fairings identically move regardless of shape.
    • Improved payload scanning for better fitting of mesh and box colliders.
    • Radius can now be adjusted by mousing over a base while holding R (the default key can be changed in part .cfg).
    • Fixed 'recursion' bug that caused misplaced fairings to uncontrollably grow. (It's also a foundation for future inline fairings).
    • Using a (hopefully) better method to offset side fairing center of mass.
    • Using proportionally smaller part of texture for 1/3 (and smaller angles) side fairings to reduce texture stretching.
    • Renamed "capsule-shaped" fairings to "egg-shaped" to be more Kerbal.

    • Fix for future FAR compatibility (needs FAR version or later to actually work).
    • Less rotation on eject to reduce collisions with payload and lower stages.
    • Conic side fairings added, original ones are made a bit more capsule-shaped.

    • Initial release.

    Funding provided by FlexGunship.
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    Now if this works. It may just be the best mod ever. I'll be back after testing it.

    EDIT: Yes most definitely the best plugin/mod ever.
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    Very nice! I'm going to have fun trying that out.

    A suggestion: perhaps you could move the source .cs file out to the upper level of the .zip file so it doesn't get copied into user's installations? That would also make it more obvious, and avoid people thinking you were withholding the source.

    Thanks for this, it looks great!

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    This is awesome, great work! I assume this works with Ferram Aerospace?

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    Oh my god I love you. I really have no words.
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    You have just made the last thing this game realy lacked. Procedural fairings + procedural wings + part generator + FAR = all mods needed to support development-from-scratch

    You have just won the KSP
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    I didn't test it with FAR, but I'd like to fix it to work with it, if there are any problems.

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    oh my god, thank you

    sorry ksp, but your going to have to deal with one more mod...
    *hopes ksp doesnt crash*
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    These are brilliant. After a short test in game they seem to work flawless. There is no longer a need for fairings other than these.
    Awesome work, thank you!

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