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Thread: [1.0.4] Procedural Fairings 3.15 (June 27)

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    [1.0.4] Procedural Fairings 3.15 (June 27)

    Fairings that automatically reshape for any attached payload:

    Download from Kerbal Stuff | GitHub

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to use (Imgur album, somewhat obsolete)

    Licensed under CC BY terms (attribution)

    Source code

    • In career mode, minimum and maximum size is limited by tech. You won't be able to resize bases far from 1.25m at first, but as you unlock new aerodynamics and construction tech larger (and smaller) sizes become available.
    • Unlike KW Rocketry fairing bases, Procedural Fairings' fairing bases intentionally lack a decoupler, allowing docking nodes, structural parts, multiple payloads, etc. The fairing bases can be so modded as to include a decoupler.
    • Compatible with FAR and KSP 1.0 aerodynamics.
    • Bug reports, suggestions and any other feedback is welcome!

    Future plans:
    • Simple procedural decoupler with shroud for engines that lack built-in fairings and engine clusters.
    • Procedural nose cone.
    • Stock-alike fairing bases with non-part side panels.
    • Side fairing part with switchable textures and shapes.
    • More side fairing styles, matching KW Rocketry, AIES, NovaPunch, etc.
    • More complicated texture mapping schemes for less texture stretching etc.
    • Documentation and tutorial for creating side fairings.
    • Particle effects on jettison.

    If you want to support me, here's my Patreon.

    [Spoiler: Version history]

    Funding provided by FlexGunship.
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    Now if this works. It may just be the best mod ever. I'll be back after testing it.

    EDIT: Yes most definitely the best plugin/mod ever.
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    Very nice! I'm going to have fun trying that out.

    A suggestion: perhaps you could move the source .cs file out to the upper level of the .zip file so it doesn't get copied into user's installations? That would also make it more obvious, and avoid people thinking you were withholding the source.

    Thanks for this, it looks great!

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    This is awesome, great work! I assume this works with Ferram Aerospace?

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    Oh my god I love you. I really have no words.
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    You have just made the last thing this game realy lacked. Procedural fairings + procedural wings + part generator + FAR = all mods needed to support development-from-scratch

    You have just won the KSP
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    I didn't test it with FAR, but I'd like to fix it to work with it, if there are any problems.

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    oh my god, thank you

    sorry ksp, but your going to have to deal with one more mod...
    *hopes ksp doesnt crash*
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    These are brilliant. After a short test in game they seem to work flawless. There is no longer a need for fairings other than these.
    Awesome work, thank you!

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