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Thread: UFO'S in kerbal space program!!!

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    UFO'S in kerbal space program!!!

    um i was playing kerbal space program newest update and i was playing for like 1 hour and the whole time i seen unidentified flying objects i see them go across the screen fast like RODS which is a thing connected to ufos and i see circular crafts out in the open i was scared the whole time and i randomly start seeing smoke in the distance and it wasnt no other rocket i lunched because i used the first the whole time and restarted the flight o it resets every thing. so did any one else ever experience a ufo in the kerbal galaxy?

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    "Aliens will not be in the game". Under the Miscellaneous section. You didn't see a UFO in this game.
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    maybe you should consider upgrading your keyboard. They make them now with period and comma keys, colons and semi-colons, enter keys, and other nice things like that.
    Result is being able to write coherent sentences that other people can comprehend.

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    Press F1 if and when you see them to take a screenshot, then upload them to a pic sharing website.

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    Pull the other one, it's got bells on.

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    NP;DR (No punctuation, didn't read)
    Oh, look! There's something that just doesn't make sense. Let's go and poke it with a stick.

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    Calm down... What you're seeing in the sky is known as "The Mun" and "Kerbol"

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    Somehow I don't really believe this story, as much as I would like to.

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    It's marsh gas...

    But more sensibly there is a graphical glitch that causes exhaust to sometimes appear in front of the vehicle and seem to shoot past it. I'm guessing that this is what you're trying to describe.
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    Relax, it's just the light of Eve reflecting off of some kethane clouds. KSP is certainly not a secret project by aliens to make humanity interested in large explosives and space travel so they can claim we are a threat and justify destroying us all.

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