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Thread: [0.23.5/0.24] WIP TAC Life Support 0.8 [22Dec] + prerelease of 0.9 (#3)

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    [0.23.5/0.24] WIP TAC Life Support 0.8 [22Dec] + prerelease of 0.9 (#3)

    Another pre-release of version 0.9 is now available: Read the warnings carefully as this release is not compatible with version 0.8 and before. Download from the post linked above because the download links below have not been updated yet.

    Thunder Aerospace Corporation is proud to offer a sneak peak at our new Life Support system.
    Many Kerbal lives were bravely sacrificed to bring you the latest in biological needs.

    • Kerbals require resources to survive, whether in a vessel or on EVA: Food, Water, Oxygen, Electricity (for air quality and climate control)
    • They produce waste resources: CarbonDioxide, Waste, WasteWater
    • They will die if they go without resources for too long: 30 Kerbin days without food, 3 Kerbin days without water, 2 hours without Oxygen, and 2 hours without Electricity
    • Crewed pods come stocked with 1 day (24 hours) worth of resources.
    • When a Kerbal goes on EVA, he takes a half day (12 hours) of each resource with him in the EVA suit, taking from the pod that he was in.
    • Kerbals do require resources even when their vessel is not active, and they can die if you leave them alone for too long.
    • The system tries to warn when resources are low and again when resources run out. No guarantees. It no longer limits Time Warp.
    • Now includes recycling parts for converting CarbonDioxide back into Oxygen, WasteWater back into Water, filtering Oxygen out of IntakeAir, and splitting Water into Oxygen and Waste (hydrogren).
    • Now allows you to enable/disable the mod on a saved-game basis. No more uninstalling/reinstalling when switching between saved games.


    Please note:
    1. There are bugs that still need to be worked out.
    2. I am dynamically adding my PartModule and resources to parts that can hold crew that do not already have them.
    3. The resource amounts sometimes do not show up in the VAB/SPH. They will show once you move to the launchpad or runway.
    4. There is no warning that a vessel far away is running out of resources. You might switch back to a vessel to find the entire crew dead.
    5. Filling up with waste resources (carbon dioxide, waste, waste water) has no effect. Any excess is dumped overboard, and you lose the opportunity to convert them back into good resources.
    6. Kerbals will not start requiring resources until the first time that you focus the vessel, or get close enough that it loads -- within the 2.3 km load distance.
    7. There are no restrictions on making parts that contain the resources or the recycling modules used by this mod. Let me know if you make some or if you adapt other parts, and I will add a link above.


    Make sure you backup your save before installing this mod. This is a prerelease version. I take no responsibility for anything that can or will go wrong. This mod intentionally kills Kerbals. Be aware.
    It should be stable enough to use on your main save (I am), but no guarantees.

    Download from
    Alternate location:
    Source code available on GitHub:

    Requires Module Manager, which can be downloaded from
    Works with the Toolbar mod from blizzy78. Not required, but if you have it, the icon will be added to the toolbar instead of being by itself.

    Change log:
    Prerelease v0.8
    - See

    Prerelease v0.7
    - See

    Prerelease v0.6
    - See

    Prerelease v0.5
    - See

    Prerelease v0.4
    - See

    Prerelease v0.3
    - See

    Added link to regex's part textures. Thanks regex!
    Added link to Talisar's spherical tanks. Thanks Talisar!

    Prerelease v0.2
    - Updated to work with 0.21.1
    - Added resource containers, both HexCans and some parts that I created.

    Prerelease v0.1
    - Resource requirements work in vessels and on EVA
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    Interesing plugin

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    I want to try this vs IonCross when I start a new save, so maybe in .21

    So no parts right now? are their tanks coming so I can send a mission interplanetary?
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    Parts are coming. I am going to upload some Hexcan versions soon, as placeholders. You can also edit the cfg of any parts to add my resources to them. Note that all of my parts end with "_TAC" to reduce the chance of collisions with other mods.

    I will also eventually make converter parts for recapturing the waste resources.

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    Very much like, but clearly needs to finish: needs parts for extended life-support, parts that can achieve partial and full recycling at cost of lots of weight and electricity. Full recycling (via Green house, green algae panals or electrobiosynthesis reactors) is necessary to make colonies self-sufficient, because having to constantly resupply them is a pain in the ***. Other extras that would be nice:

    -Waste dumping port/ejector: that spews transient clouds of yellow or brown.
    -Atmosphere extractor: that can convert atmosphere into water and oxygen (dump CO2), performance depends on the planet (laythe easy, Eve almost no water)
    -CO2 absorber: Absorbs CO2 by consuming new resource (LiOH) produces Li2CO3 Waste and water.
    -CO2 scrubber: all CO2 is removed at a continuous rate, more scrubbers remove more CO2, consumed electricity, CO2 dumped continuously.
    -Carbonate reactor: CO2 to O2 and C: 100% CO2 recycled back to O2, requires a lot of electricity, carbon soot waste is dumped (of course food is not recycled, nor wastewaster or waste)
    -Water recycling: recycles ~80% water.

    I like the ~12 hours of EVA support limit, that a very nice touch that even Ioncross Crew Support Plugin does not have yet. Keep up the work!

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    CO2 scrubbers are not needed because that is accounted for in the electricity requirement. I assume that all crew capsules come with them, in addition to things for: temperature control, air circulation, humidity removal, CO2 removal, and air filtration. When electricity runs out, the scrubbers and other systems stop working and air quality deteriorates -- eventually killing the crew.

    Recyclers are on my list. Coming soonTM.

    Also note that waste and waste-water are not just from Kerbals. They include wrappers and other in-edible trash from food products, hair and fingernail clippings, etc. And waste water also comes from hygienic needs: washing hands, bathing, etc.

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    Some other mods that would dovetail into this are nothke's KASPAR system if/when it is released and mauriciolisco's ck 0.82 container system
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    ....just another tricky day...

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    Yes but your saying the CO2 waste just builds up at present, correct? You need to make it so CO2 disappears unless electricity is cut off or run out of absorbent, then CO2 levels rise to a certain level and then the kerbals die.

    Remember FULL recyclable needs to be an option (costly option but possible none the less) or else space colonies are no longer possible. You can add "trash incinerator" as a part to recycle solid waste into soot that the greenhouses/green panels/electrobiosythesis reactors can recycle. I know IRL 100% recoverability is impossible but for KSP it needs to be possible, either that or unlimited auto extraction of resources on a planet, either way I don't want to activate a colony to find them all died.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gristle View Post
    Some other nods that would dovetail into this are nothke's KASPAR system if/when it is released and mauriciolisco's ck 0.82 container system
    This would actually couple very well with both of those mods and I'd love to see some collaboration between them. Or at least compatibility fixes for those parts.

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    can it be configured such that Kerbals only become catatonic (or their crew pod unresponsive, same thing really).?

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