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Thread: How to install mods on Mac OS X?

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    How to install mods on Mac OS X?


    I am here to seek help from the KSP Community about installing mods on Mac OS X. When I first bought the game, I ordered it before it was available on Steam. Then I decided to transfer it to my Steam account.

    Could anyone of you please help me in providing a tutorial on how to install mods into my game? Pictures and videos would be helpful for me if they are provided.

    Are mods able to work in any operating system such as Windows, Mac or Linux?

    Thank you in advance for the help. It would be much appreciated!

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    Download it just like any file, Un-zip it and look inside the file
    1. It has a file named GameData that you can place in the Ksp_osx file named GameData
    2. It has multiple files named Parts,Plugins,and Ship, Simply open one file (easier to start with "Parts") and open the Ksp_osx folder and open the parts file inside.
    Next put all stuff from the mod file and place it in the Parts file (Its the same with all the other files, i think)

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    If you download it through Steam you can access the KSP files through finder, click go in the toolbar. Hold option(alt) and click on library. The go to Application support > Steam > Steam Apps > common.

    Add the parts and files where they belong.

    I use a Macbook, it works for me.

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