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Thread: Kerbal Space Program Launcher (Closed Alpha)

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    Post Kerbal Space Program Launcher (Closed Alpha)

    Kerbal Space Program Launcher

    Hello everyone. Im Magnet_man16 and am fairly new around here. I have only made one other KSP software, which was KSP Mod Installer.

    Today, here. I would like to announce the development of the Kerbal Space Program Launcher. With this you can manage and launch your game. Features which will be in Beta (Maybe Alpha) are:

    - Mod Manager (Manage your KSP mods. Enable/Disable them, uninstall or install new ones)
    - SpacePort (Direct downloading and installation)
    - Settings (Alter in game setting out of the game. Simpler and quicker)
    - Saves (Manage your saves and create save backups... for like when my space station randomly de-orbited...)
    - Flags (Add custom flags to mark your milestones)
    - Any other suggestions are welcome!

    So now i'll let you see what i've got so far (KSP Launcher is subject to heavy change )

    1. This is what will show when you launch 'Kerbal Space Program Launcher'. On the right version info and news. On the left you can Launch or Abort (Which is exit). In the release the Mods button will be something different and take you to a sub menu. Unless someone has another idea.

    2. Here you can see the mods section and the gray mod is currently disabled, meaning it wont load in KSP. To enable it you just click it and click enable. The other yellow mods are currently enabled. At the bottom, well the buttons are self explanatory.

    3. Here you can see the option for re-ednabling the disabled mod.

    If you want to be a Alpha tester you will need to create a Magnet account at -removed- one you've signed up you just need to comment on the home page saying "KSP Launcher - Alpha Tester". And you should be in. I will then email you when Alpha comes around!. Good luck 10 places.

    Further information will be available soon at -removed- .
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    This looks awesome!

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    Thanks. Would you like to be a Alpha tester?

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    You should change the link to your homepage: it is sending me to a 404 page.

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    Yea sorry. Its fixed now and ive just updated the site.

    Same happens with your signature.

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    This is a really good idea, and I like it, but...please don't use that background with derpy Jebidiah on the main page. Make it an in-game screenshot or something

    The one for the mod selection looks good though.
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    If i change one then i should make them all in game. What do you think? I have other better artworks i could have used for the main screen. But thanks for the feedback. Ill use a ingame one. If you can find a good one on google ill use it. They aren't mine as i struggle to keep in orbit for some reason.

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    The backgrounds look out of place together, but I like both of them. Highly interested to see how this turns out. I'd offer to help with testing, but I am already trying to help test another WIP when I have time.

    Also, that big open space you left with the mod name above it made me think that would be a really nice spot for a mod part list
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    I really like this idea. Would be very helpful for the launcher to analyze your saves and craft files and tell you if the mod combination you've chose will work with them.
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    Yes that space does look odd. I wasn't sure what to put there. I'm thinking of adding a boost checkbox. I've done this before with other games. It increases your frames by about 10 or so.

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