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Thread: KSP 0.21.1 Flashing constantly and crashing

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    KSP 0.21.1 Flashing constantly and crashing

    Okay, I downloaded KSP 0.21.1 on Steam and when I start the game and go to the VAB or anywhere else actually, the loading asset appears, then it looses texture so it just says Loading and then the screen starts flashing between black, white and the game picture. If I'm in window the window flashes active and inactive and sometime minimizes. A few moments later the game crashes. I think it's the RAM. I don't have a good computer at all, it's a horrible laptop, but weirdly enough older versions of KSP like 0.18 and 0.19 work. I have 2GB ram, 1.5 available, AMD Hudson-Zacate E450 processor and an integrated GPU.
    The game is stock. I'll try to upload a crash log, but I deleted them yesterday when this happened because I got mad at KSP for not working.

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    I would have to say that I have the same issues. Not a terribly new computer here either, but this version seems the least stable I've seen. I have 4GB of RAM and an FX4100

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    We'll need logs from both of you, see this topic:

    Milan: I'm afraid your system is most likely too low spec to run KSP on
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    I have solved the problem! Installing 4 gb of ram fixed it. I know it's low spec, but the processor is able to calculate physics fast enough for me. I'm obsessed with making rockets with smallest part numbers that are most efficient, and with lower textures and terrain it's good.

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    always crash on VSB and crash via loading on Launch but I have a 8gb ram on 64bit windows..but...KSP is a 32bit it using 4gb only..?

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