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Thread: [0.24+][Jul18] SelectRoot: Set a new root part. Still works in 0.25

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    [0.24+][Jul18] SelectRoot: Set a new root part. Still works in 0.25

    SelectRoot allows you to select a part on your vessel to become the new root part. As if you rebuilt your craft starting with that part. Best used with your favorite subassembly loader!

    Alternate DL:
    (Alternative DL doesn't contain batch files for rebuilding the dll. Chrome seems to hate them.)
    Tested in 24.0, 25.0

    Old version:
    Tested in 22 & 21.1 (Reported to work with 23.5)

    Usage: Hold LeftControl, LeftShift and left click on the new root part.

    Parts can't become root when:
    - Created with symmetry. If you really want to, try StripSymmetry.
    - Only surface attachable, without attachment nodes.

    Any other part can be set as root. Even ones that can't in vanilla. This can be used on the big vanilla docking port, for example.

    - 2014 Jul 18
    - 2013 Oct 17
    Updated for 0.22
    Fixed highlighting.
    Fixed crew manifest.
    Fixed undo stack.
    - Aug 12
    Removed restrictions on root part selection.
    Removed a few OSD messages or made them shorter.
    Displaying OSD messages no longer prevents highlighting of parts on the whole screen.
    - Jul 29
    No longer breaks selection of parts in Action Groups tab.
    - Jul 28
    Initial release.

    Implementation notes:
    Saves current ship to ConfigNode. Rewrites links between parts and reorders nodes to change the tree root. Finally reloads ship from ConfigNode. Would probably be more robust to reload the editor with the new craft, but who wants to see that loading screen again?

    Source and MIT License included in download.

    Shoutouts to the creators of ProceduralFairings, KerbalAlarmclock and EditorExtensions whose source code was very helpful in getting me started with KSP plugins and Unity.
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    Awesome! Not 5 minutes ago I was in need of something like this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Streetlamp View Post
    Awesome! Not 5 minutes ago I was in need of something like this!
    Same here! I was attaching a jet-powered spaceplane to a rocket to fly around on the Mun or any other body of my liking and I started by moving my plane's CRAFT file to the VAB directory and then building a rocket onto that, and I wanted the rocket's command pod to be the focus while I was in flight. Not the best way, but I'm bad at planes so I used a prebuilt one from Ferram Aerospace.

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    Not sure why my reply didn't work but I'll try again: I can confirm that this plugin is both backwards compatible for those of us clinging to 20.2 and awesome. Probably awesome first, backwards compatible second. I was needing something like this just today and lo it appears. Great work!

    Edit: May be unrelated-- Having issues building action groups in aforementioned and unsupported version...
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    Nice! Can't even count of the number of times this would have come in handy.

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    Wow, awesome idea. Going to try it out right now.

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    Thanks! This will really come in handy, especially because I'm still having the issue with Subassembly Loader forgetting fuel lines and struts (even though I tried the "perfect" fix suggested in the Zenith thread).

    Now I can just load the rocket in the VAB, set the decoupler as the root, delete the sample payload, build up and set the new command module as the root when I'm done building, right?

    If it works the way I am understanding, this will become an invaluable and indisposable part of my mod toolbox for every version to come.
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    Seems to break action groups unfortunately, tested on fully stock KSP install, can't select parts to add to a group. Too bad, this mod would have been perfect for sub-assembly manager.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dishycourier View Post
    Having issues building action groups [...]
    Quote Originally Posted by ProfChaos View Post
    Seems to break action groups [...]
    Thanks for reporting and testing with stock install. Updated and fixed.

    Didn't realize the GUI panel I was using to draw the OSD messages prevented parts in the Action Groups tabs from being selected. The panel is now only drawn in the Parts tab and only if there are actually messages to display.

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    I've had issues with MechJeb on the same thing. In the action groups tab, if you accidentally click on a MJ UI, you can't select parts for action groups, selecting parts in build mode don't light up, and if you leave the VAB/SPH, you can't click on the buildings, and if you leave to the main menu, you can't click any of the buttons. I'm also going to post this in MechJeb topic.

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