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Thread: [1.0.x] Docking Port Alignment Indicator (Version 6.2 - Updated 05/04/2015)

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    [1.0.x] Docking Port Alignment Indicator (Version 6.2 - Updated 05/04/2015)

    Docking Port Alignment Indicator (Version 6.2)

    The Docking Port Alignment Indicator is designed to help you dock manually, by presenting target alignment and relative position in a clean and intuitive manner.

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    This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin.


    • Raster Prop Monitor integration for IVA docking glory!
    • Requires no special parts! Will work on all new and existing ships
    • Provides all the information you need to dock with precision and ease
    • Lets you to target and cycle between docking ports beyond 200m (up to 2.5km)
    • Allows you to rename docking ports (both in flight and editor), which are displayed on the gauge
    • Stock app launcher integration and Blizzy's Toolbar Integration (defaults to Blizzy's if available)
    • KSP AVC Integration

    Docking Port Alignment Indicator [DPAI] Changelog:

    Version 6.2 - Released 5/4/15
    • [updated] Compatible with 1.02!
    • [added] Raster Prop Monitor (RPM) Integration! (See Below)
    Version 6.1 - Released 3/7/2015
    • [added] Raster Prop Monitor (RPM) Integration! (See Below)
    • [RPM] DPAI now has an RPM Page on the stock RPM MFD. More MFD patches to follow.
    • [RPM] Full DPAI functionality and display while IVA! (RPM Required)
    • [RPM] Display and cycle Target Ports from MDF
    • [RPM] Display and cycle the Docking Reference part from MFD
    • [RPM] Rename target and reference ports from MFD while IVA
    • [RPM] Toggleable info page which displays MFD controls for DPAI
    • [added] DPAI now preserves the 'Control From Here' reference part when going IVA
    • [added] Option to show/hide target port HUD indicator while IVA
    • [added] Parts with multiple docking ports can now have unique names for each port
    • [changed] Appearance of 'point towards' arrow (smaller, higher-resolution)
    • [fixed] Improved CDI line transition to back-hemisphere (no more unintentional flipping)
    *Note: Version 6.0 was missing some files from the release package, version number skipped. Version 5.1 - Released 1/10/2015
    • [changed] Re-enabled support for Blizzy's Toolbar: If present, DPAI will place its button on Blizzy's toolbar, if not, button will be place on Stock App Launcher. DPAI can be forced to place its button on the Stock App Launcher a config file (see bundled Readme.txt).
    Version 5.0 - Released 1/9/2015
    • [added] Integration with stock application launcher (removed support for blizzy's toolbar)
    • [changed] DPAI can now be displayed without target selected. Use stock toolbar button to show/hide indicator
    • [added] Setting to enable/disable cycling and automatic targeting of ports on target vessel (default: enabled)
    • [added] Setting to exclude 'already docked' ports when cycling through available targets (default: enabled)
    • [added] Setting to show/hide Target Port HUD Icon and change its size
    • [added] KSP AVC integration (Mini-AVC bundled)
    Version 4.0 - Released 6/29/2014
    • [added] Ability to cycle through all unoccupied ports on your target. No more need to right-click a port!
    • [added] Ports can now be targeted up to 2.25 Km away!
    • [added] When a vessel is first targeted, the nearest port is automatically targeted.
    • [added] Magenta HUD indicator floats on top of currently targeted port to allow for easy identification.
    • [added] Ability to rename all docking ports using the right-click GUI (in both VAB/SPH and flight).
    • [added] Text readout on indicator which displays the name of the targeted port.
    • [added] Closure Distance (CDST) readout, displays range to target port along the approach axis only.
    • [added] Prograde icon on velocity vector changes to Retrograde icon when CVEL is negative.
    • [added] Support for parts with multiple docking ports (Thanks taniwha!)
    • [added] Support for Extraplanetary Launchpads' recycle bins (Thanks taniwha!)
    • [changed] New toolbar button icon, easier to identify.
    • [changed] Removed hard-dependency on Blizzy's Toolbar
    • [changed] Added custom 'toolbar' button if Blizzy's toolbar is not present. Clicking toolbar button will show/hide indicator.
    • [changed] Text now drawn using Bitmap Fonts, allowing for higher resolution text rendering particularly when increasing gauge scale.
    • [fixed] Indicator no longer displayed in Map View or while on EVA
    • [fixed] Generalized port orientation logic - all non-stock lateral ports should now work (Thanks taniwha!)
    Version 3.1 - Released 5/8/2014
    • [update] Repackaged to include latest version of Blizzy's Toolbar. *No code changes made to DPAI*
    Version 3.0 - Released 12/18/2013
    • [update] Verified compatibility with KSP v0.23
    • [added] Indicator's size can now be scaled freely (from settings window)
    • [added] Toolbar-Plugin miniature icon for toggling the settings window
    • [added] Glyph Font rendering to support indicator scaling
    • [fixed] Indicator will now display at full resolution regardless of KSP's Texture Settings
    Version 2.2 - Released 10/27/13
    • [update] Verified compatibility with KSP v0.22
    • [changed] Roll degrees now range from 0-359.9 (was -180 to +180)
    • [fixed] Stock lateral docking ports (Inline Clampotron) now orient correctly!
    • [fixed] Settings window toggle-buttons now much more visible
    Version 2.1 - Released 8/17/13
    • [fixed] A bug that caused the velocity vector to behave incorrectly in certain circumstances [thanks Mr Shifty].
    • [fixed] CVEL now measures velocity along the target port's normal vector (intended behavior), not true velocity.
    • [fixed] Negated CVEL value when passing into back-hemisphere (red CDI region). Closure is now always a positive value.
    • [change] Velocity Indicator now draws on top of of Alignment Vector.
    • [change] Reduced sensitivity of alignment indicator near center of the gauge slightly.
    • [change] Removed forward velocity component of the velocity vector. Now full deflection always indicates 3.5 m/s of lateral velocity.
    • [change] Added slight exponential scaling to velocity vector near center of gauge.
    • [change] Velocity Indicator will display as a 'retrograde' vector when your alignment is greater than 90 degrees off-axis, indicating that translation controls have a reversed impact on the movement of the visual indicator. Moving the indicator towards the green cross will still bring you towards centerline.
    Version 2.0 - Released 8/10/13
    • [added] Course Deviation Indicators (CDI)
    • [added] Translational Velocity vector
    • [added] Closure velocity and distance readouts
    • [added] settings menu
    • [added] Increased precision of alignment indicator with exponential scaling
    • [change] Enhanced precision of roll indicator
    • [change] Retouched all graphics
    Version 1.0 - Released 8/1/13
    • First Release - Alignment Indicator only
    Check out these great videos by community members!

    Here's a video from a much earlier version of the mod, which shows how quickly you can dock using the indicator:

    Quick written tutorial by HeadHunter67!
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    Ooh nice! I'm checking it out now.

    You forgot your link.

    Edit: It works like a charm.
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    Is there a download link?

    EDIT: Beat me to it
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    Yes, sorry about that, thanks Albert! Here's the link:

    Whoa... did the main post disappear??

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    That's quite odd! The original post seems to have disappeared! (Posting this message from an alternate login). Working on re-writing it now :/

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    Sorry people,seems like there was a problem with posting. Everyone's first posts have to be moderated and it seems something weird happened during the process that caused the post to disappeared after it was approved. It's back now
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    Quote Originally Posted by stupid_chris View Post
    Sorry people,seems like there was a problem with posting. Everyone's first posts have to be moderated and it seems something weird happened during the process that caused the post to disappeared after it was approved. It's back now
    Thanks! I was all sad-face for a moment.

    I'm working on a quick visual tutorial, should be posting it shortly. My first KSP plugin, so your feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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    Youtube video tutorial posted. Enjoy!

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    looks awesome, will try

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    Wohoo! Great stuff, thanks.
    I used to use HydroTech for docking (to get the alignment right... It just really sucks when you build a station and every part is rotated a few degrees >.<). But Hydrotech uses at least one additional part per docking port and a "computer".
    This mod is great! Thanks a lot!.

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