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Thread: How to use an xbox controller for Kerbal

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    How to use an xbox controller for Kerbal

    For some people flying a plane in KSP using a keyboard is a pain in the ass (me included). So i decided to map my Wired Xbox controller to my keyboard and mouse using a program called Xpadder.


    Now you do have to pay for it, It's around £5.99 / $10 however there are other free options available.

    Here is how i setup my controller. Notice the right analog see is setup to press "right mouse button" and move the mouse at the same time so i can control the camera in game. The left analog stick controls Pitch and Roll and the left and right bumpers control yaw. The Left and Right Triggers control Throttle and the ABXY buttons control SAS, Brakes, RCS and Landing Gear.

    Hoped this helped, if you have any suggestions on how to make my setup leave a reply.

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    You know the game can manage the XBox controller by itself. And manage the sensitivity of the axis and dead axis value at the same time.
    The only thing (and it look like it's the same for Xpadder) is that it does not consider the trigger as axis but as button.
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    Actually you can use triggers as axes, with a little .cfg editing and for free :

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