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    Exclamation [HELP] Object Rotation

    I am using Blender and Unity 4
    I am having an issue where my object (fuel tank, just trying to be basic) is rotated the wrong way in KSP. i have tried rotating it on every axis in Blender and in Unity and there is no change.

    I marked a dot on the texture to indicate the top and it faces towards the player in the VAB (default viewing angle) always. adding to this is the fact that the attachment nodes are aligned as if the model is the correct orientation.

    Please help me. this is my first model and I am keen to learn and become a good member of the Modding community

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    Note the direction you need to fix it when you check it in-game. Go into unity and create an empty game object. Drag and drop your objects onto this empty game object and fix their rotation within it. When you parent objects in unity, their placement is relative to the parent.

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    i figured it out. you have to rotate -90, then APPLY the rotation and rotate it back

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    Yeah, you'll need to freeze/reset/bake all transforms in modelling programs, KSP has issues with model-wide transforms and they need to be baked into the vertex co-ordinates instead.

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    Could you please explain how your problem differs from the above problem so we know where to start?

    The problem seems very clearly explained, and the solution seems adequately if simply explained as well. If the rotations you're doing aren't being applied when you make changes, the saved/exported model won't have changed at all (this applies to both Unity and modeling software).
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    this issue was pissing me off so i searched a bit, surely we arent the only one to have experienced this issue. While you can fix it manually i found it error prone,, however i found this it s script that add a unity tools menu, just apply it when you are finished in blender

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