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Thread: [WIP] Mass Driver

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    [WIP] Mass Driver

    This uses KerbTown to make a mass driver for launching small spaceships into LKO.

    If you don't know what a mass driver is, see here.

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    Oh my you just need that spaceship from "When Worlds Collide"
    Great job is an understatement.
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    Wow. The possibilities Kerbtown presents are awesome. How much mass can this thing launch?

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    Woah! I thought seeing the space center from low orbit was pretty cool. But if i saw that thing from space, theres a pretty good chance my Kerbals may pee themselves. Except for Jeb, he would probably try to land on it from orbit. Or crash into it...

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    Looks pretty cool, but does it work yet? And how tall is it?

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    Nice!! Now does it actually work???

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    Jeb looks like he loves it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Railgunner2160 View Post
    Nice!! Now does it actually work???
    Yep! But I need some sort of GUI; right now it launches any craft that gets within 500 meters of the beginning.

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    Why not use an ingame button for your launch?
    In code check to see if the object is in a trigger collider (starting position?), if it is then enable the "Launch" button - when you click the button you enable the fixedupdate code to apply acceleration.

    I like this btw. Very cool haha


    OnTriggerEnter(Collider otherCollider)
     // add to list of launchables, if list length > 0 enable button
    OnTriggerExit(Collider otherCollider)
     // remove from list of launchables, if list == 0 disable button
    - Ever wanted to have your buildings placed statically in-game? Now you can!
    - And guess what?! You can place AND launch from launch sites as well. You can also script any object you place to do.. well.. whatever you want!! I think it's worth checking out!
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    Quote Originally Posted by skykooler View Post
    right now it launches any craft that gets within 500 meters of the beginning.
    Lol, awesome and dangerous, this has Jeb's name written all over it.

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