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Thread: [WIP] KSP Display (Physical Display) *Update 9-23-13*

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    [WIP] KSP Display (Physical Display) *Update 9-23-13*

    KSP Display (Physical Display)
    **Update** 9/23/2013

    The Display Boards are 103.81x41.91 mm, The actual 7 Segment LED's come off the base of that board are 8mm in depth and 25x19.05mm per 2 LED's (They are in packages of 2 so a board with 8 LEDs it's 25mm in width * 4), the Actual Control board is 76.45x76.45 mm. The individual 6 analog displays are 64x56mm and need 57mm of clearance in depth.


    After lurking the forums for quite some time now, I've seen a number of posts of people who were looking to have a physical display (LED's, Analog Meters, etc...) for KSP. I thought it would be cool to put it all in a faux looking Apollo computer Enclosure. So without further ado I started the KSP Display.

    The Video explains it all but until you watch, here is just some statistics of it's hardware capabilities thus far.

    • Up to 64 7 Segment LED Displays
    • Up to 6 Analog Displays
    • Programmable Master Computer Alarm With Silencer Switch
    • Runs all off USB

    This is a very very very Early development of this, as I mention in the video the USB Drivers I created are only for Windows at the moment, but it's an extremely easy port to Mac & Linux. I'm putting this early dev out there because I want to see how much interest there is in the community if I should continue to invest time and money into developing it. The ultimate goal is to create a low cost Physical KSP Display device that anyone can have and use. Please respond with thoughts - additions - and other things you wish to see from KSP in a physical manner. And no, im sorry, im not going to Do the NavBall (Although I have a very good idea on how to), the cost of developing a physical NavBall is outside of the budget of the project.

    But please let me know if this is something the community is interested in, as well as obtaining!

    **Update** 9/5/2013

    The mainboard PCB's came in and are assembled, here is what they look like all soldered up!

    The Main LED Display Boards went Out for Printing today, here are the Fab pic's!

    • I changed the 7 Segment LED's to all Bright Green LED's (Looks more Apolloish and better)
    • I've created custom inlays for each of the 6 Analog Displays

    I'm Still looking for anyone in the community who can do Enclosure Fabrications - I Will send them a Prototype if they can help me out in this area!

    Once the Display Board's come in I will post a Video with a fully assembled KSP Display


    **Update** 8/20/2013

    The PCB's went to print today! Here is one of the main boards! - The first print is still an early alpha - But here is what it has -

    • 6 Analog Displays (Currently Electricity, Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Fuel, Mono Propellent, Solid Fuel & Atmospheric Density)
    • 5 Digital LED Displays (Radar Altimeter, Current Velocity, Apoapsis (GREEN), Periapsis (GREEN), Current Altitude)
    • 1 Master Alarm- Programmable Master alarm Condition
    • Customizable Plugin
    • Can change any display into another resource or LED Display into another reading

    Here is a look at the PCB Main Board that went to print -

    PCB - TOP


    -- I Do need help with an enclosure, If anyone is decent with Fabrication skills if I can see some of your work, maybe I can ship one out to you to develop an enclosure for it. We'd need to talk. Thanks!

    Later this week (Perhaps today if I can get around to it) I will upload another video with all the displays.
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    This is awesome! I'm definetly interessted I would love to buy one when its finished! Do you have any plans for the aesthetics of it?

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    Yes, I want to put it in an enclosure mimicking that of the AGC from the Apollo Missions.

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    This is one of the most epic things I've seen for KSP.
    I would pay up to $80 for a KSP dashboard and up to $120 for a dashboard with navball.

    As for the navball, I see two "inexpensive" solutions:
    1) A small flat LCD or LED screen that shows a navball graph
    2) A semispherical light bulb like enclosure and a small projector inside that projects the navball on the semisphere (WARNING! A lot of mathemagical skills needed for this sorcery)
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    Well I have an idea for the NavBall, depending on the response I get it may motivate me to do a higher quality model with a NavBall, Next Friday I will post a video with 6 Analog Displays for all resource types.

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    Awesome, were you thinking about adding any controls as well? Stage separation, sas on/off, rcs translation, etc. Also what microcontroller are you using here, Arduino?

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    This has so much potential!

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    Thanks, the positive feedback gives me more motivation to keep moving this forward. The main goal is it for it to become a completely purchasable item.

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    Will you have anything for atmospheric pressure?
    Ad Astra Per Astria Porta

    Forum users! I'm not always speaking in a moderator capacity. I am a forum user just like you, and I will try to make it clear when I'm doing my volunteer job and when I'm just commenting in support or fun as a regular user. Remember the forums are supposed to be fun, and don't forget to look at the community rules!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowsutekh View Post
    Will you have anything for atmospheric pressure?
    Yes, an analog display.

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