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Thread: Future Missions

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    Future Missions

    Hopefully the .22 release has the career mode implemented. If that is the case then there will probably have various missions for you to complete. Do people have any suggestions for missions?

    Note: Please don't debate whether you want missions just suggest ideas

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    There are a lot of threads that have already addressed this topic

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    I don't know if they'll have missions working just yet, but they'll definitely have research and development up and running. It might be running in sandbox mode for now...or maybe career mode will be sandbox mode with R&D for now.

    Either way, it seems to me like missions aren't going to be they're supposed to be dynamic to what you do. So basically if you fly a lot of missions to mun, maybe the game will just reward you for things you're doing there and give you other goals perhaps to encourage what you're doing.

    I know harvester said in a stream once that he didn't really want missions to be like super structured. Like having mission one be "build a rocket" then mission two being "get to orbit" and so on. Instead, it's supposed to be somewhat...or entirely based on what you like to do, I guess.

    But I imagine that the missions are quite a ways off if it's going to be all dynamic-like. Which I'm totally okay with, I'm more interested in new science bits and tech trees than missions and currency.

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