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Thread: Kerbin City Community Project - Phase B - New Islands

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    Kerbin City Community Project - Phase B - New Islands

    the community presents you:
    Kerbin City
    Community Project

    General info

    What is KCCP??

    Kerbin City Community Project is a community made, continuously developed mod that is trying to literally build a city, a fictional capital of Kerbin, the Kerbin City (and it’s surroundings).

    • It is entirely community made, inviting anyone who is interested in shaping up the city by modelling, texturing, sharing ideas and sketches, or just supporting with kind words.
    • It is continuously developed which means that there is no precise “end goal” and that it’s builds will be often published and always available to download.

    I just want to drive/fly around Kerbin City right now

    Then head on to the showcase area to download the first build

    How big is the project right now?

    • Right now, more than 15 modelers are actively involved in the project, and at least 10 people are waiting for the plots on the "future" islands, with more people supporting the project. Kerbin City itself, at this moment is 2 islands big. Tthe Eastern island, located in the City Bay has 15 plots which are being modeled by members, and on the other, Airport island is a big Kerbin City International Airport developed by Nothke.

    It sounds like a giant project!! So how is it organized?

    • The project consists of "phases", each phase is a project for itself. For now there are 2 of them:

    1. Phase A: Insight into how many people are interested in the project, and the development of Eastern island. The island is divided into plots which the modders applied for and are currently modeling buildings on them.
    2. Phase B: Masterplan for the “future” island. It is not a name of the island, but a general laying down of plans of what to do next.

    Kerbin City

    Where is it located on Kerbin?

    It is located in a bay at -5.8/-83.5 (5° 47' 60"S, 83° 30' 0”W). It is easily reachable from KSC if you follow the coast to the south. It takes 10-20 minutes with a conventional plane, or about 5 with high altitude airplane.

    How does it look like right now?

    Wait.. How is it possible to have buildings/static objects in KSP??

    I am using the amazing KerbTown plugin developed by Razchek Without it, probably none of this project would happen. Thank you Raz!
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    (if you are just a stranger using this mod and have just seen this corner, please unsee it)

    Note: From now on, term "developer" will be used for a person who applied and is modelling a plot or a bridge.


    Common Texture Pack

    Here is a common texture pack (current version #2), you should use these in your plots to reduce the material count as much as possible (don't rename files).

    Note: Use the tile_grass.png for all the grass surfaces; tile_concplate for vertical crude concrete parts like pillars and such, otherwise use tile_concrete.tga; and tilex_road for the road, it's only tiled in one axis, you should make more polys and copy them to get more lanes.

    Modular Street Models

    Here is a modular street system if anyone needs building roads inside their plot. It uses the same texture from the texture pack. You don't NEED to use the models in your plot, but I think they could help you. If you don't use them, at least use the common road texture for your streets.


    Note: "Personal textures" are those which are made by you and only used on your plot. "Common textures" are textures provided in the download above by me.

    Modelling guidelines:

    • DO NOT setup your models in Unity, set up the models on the plot in your modelling software
    • Use less than 3 personal textures (don't forget one mesh can have only one material), but use as many common textures as you wish!
    • DO NOT use transparent textures. But if it's REALLY needed, you can use only one.
    • One mesh can have only one material/texture applied to it!!! That is a KSP limitation, it doesn't support material IDs.
    • Keep things low poly.
    • DO NOT use 3d text (unless it's a single company logo or smth like that)!! If you want to write text on a building or pavement, make a texture instead or cut out on a single plane (no depth).
    • Personal textures should not be bigger than 512x512px. keep in mind that if they are bigger, Unity will automatically reduce them to 512x512px. If you REALLY have to use 1k textures, please inform me

    Before you send me the models:

    Make sure you read the entire dev corner especially the Modeling Guidelines, then make sure you do not have overlapping faces, invisible polygons, multiple materials on a single mesh, and similar

    To have collisions working properly ingame, this is what prefixes you should put on names of your meshes so that I can quickly apply the proper colliders in Unity:
    nocol_ = these meshes should not have any colliders attached (graphical-only models)
    colbox_ = these objects should have box collision applied to them
    colonly_ = for these objects a renderer will be removed and mesh collider added
    colonlybox_ = for there, a renderer will be removed and box collider added

    if you DO NOT put a prefix, for those objects I will put a mesh collider
    if any other primitive shape is needed like capsule or sphere, logically use "colsphere_" or "colcapsule_" or "colonlysphere_" etc. you get the point.

    This naming thing is not required, but very IMPORTANT, and if you name your objects properly, it will save me A LOT of time, otherwise you'll delay the publishing.

    How to send me the models:

    Do not send me .mu files cause I cannot setup the objects in the game!
    You need to send me models as exported from your modeling program and preferably in .fbx format! If your software does not support exporting .fbx format, .dae or .obj are accepted.

    keep in mind that I will edit your models if they contain overlaping faces, multiple-materials-on-single-mesh, invisible polygons, excessive z-fighting in-game, and similar mistakes, and I may change textures if there already is a VERY similar texture already in use (to reduce the number of materials), but I will otherwise NOT change your models. If the models happen to intersect some existing structures or they don't match plot or requirements, YOU WILL BE NOTED and I will not change it without your consideration.

    This is why I do not advise that you send me the unity projects but you MAY, if you happen to have set the plot up in Unity, but is not recommended I repeat.
    Make sure to send me TEXTURES separately, most formats do not bundle the textures inside the file.


    Eastern island development

    refer to this spreadsheet to see the plot and building status:

    (all plots taken join phase B)

    View the initial plot plan here


    • The island is 1500x1500m. with some edges chamfered off and a small bay at C1. The island has an expressway passing through coming from the airport bridge, passing over the central street, going out over the high bridge on the north. There are 3 offramps, 2 climbing from the south, and one in the middle of the central avenue coming climbing from the north. The expressway is raised on pillars and it's height is 30 meters above ground.

    Base model:

    The base model created by me (Nothke) consists of the island's streets and an expressway running through it. expressway passing through coming from the airport bridge, passing over the central street, going out over the high bridge on the north.


    The island is divided into 15 plots that you can see on the plot map.

    The plots are 360x360m, but note that some plots are chamfered/cut and there is an elevated expressway running through the island so make sure to have 30 meter clearance for it (see map). There are 20m wide roads between all plots that I will model that lie beyond the plot's 360x360m boundary and it's pavement on all sides lies at 0 height (ground level) so make sure your plot edges are lined up at 0 so I can weld it to the streets. There are no elevation changes (obviously), but you can make it inside your own plot.

    Developer guidelines:

    What to consider:

    • The shape of coastline on the waterfront plots is free for you to design, so you can model a marina or a little river in your plot. Make sure the sides are 10m+ deep.
    • The ground level (0) will be 10 meters above sea level.
    • The plots DON'T NEED to be accessable by foot/rover, although it would be nice if they are. The buildings are more for looks and aerobatics than access, this is not GTA, look at it more like if you made it for a flight simulator. However again, you can make accessable buildings if you really want.
    • You can make streets and passageways inside your plot, apparently 360x360m is too big to just have an outside street.
    • Keep the polycount at a reasonable level.. In other words keep it low! This sounds vague but, yeah it depends.
    • No real world commercials or signs - Kerbal world fictional (eg. Rockomax hires you!) or parodies (like in GTA series) allowed.
    • No offensive stuff. This is quite obvious but I know some of you might want to make phalus-shaped buildings

    What to focus on:

    • Good looks from the distance - Look Flight simulators or maybe simcity models, they don't look good from very up close, but it's important that as a whole plot/city, it looks good.
    • AEROBATICS - people will mostly use the buildings for buzzing and flying past them. Think about making aerobatically interesting shapes
    • Function - THINK when you design your plot so it actually makes sense.. Don't make one huge cubic building over your plot, unless it really makes sense like it's a sports arena or smth. You don't need to fill the plot all with buildings you can make parks and empty areas too.
    • Keep it real - no antimatter floating buildings or magical elven super trees. You are free to design be it modern style, art deco, classical, high tech, whatever you want, but make sure that it is something that can be done with today's Earthly technology.

    Technical guidelines for plot making:
    • You CAN dig below the plot, but have in mind that the sea is 10m below the origin.
    • Height limit is written on the plot map! Respect it! This is cause the "future" island is supposed to have higher buildings. I know that everyone will want to make skyscrapes, but please don't make a lot of them =)


    While the phase A is going, we should start thinking about what comes next. I need you people to get some nice ideas and preferably sketches for the next islands/districts!!!

    General idea:

    This time, we take a different approach to giving out plots. Instead of giving priority to practical things, giving squared, exact dimension, free-to-build plots for everyone, this time, there is a big focus on idea, function and realism. Therefore, this time I give the priority to you, to WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO MODEL, rather than technical specifications. There will be completely different types of plots and districts, so if you wish to build for example a skyscraper headquarters building, you will get a small plot in the business district, on the other hand if you want to build a warehouse complex, you will get a more spread out plot in the industrial district.

    Phase B quick land sketch by Nothke:

    Some ideas:

    • Full Logistics - functional roads and access to factories/warehouses using trucks or boats so you can properly deliver cargo from them to the airport
    • Better shaped roads and waterline - oblique angled streets, non square plots, consistent waterline.
    • Differentiated areas - industrial, commercial, residential.
    • Trains ?? - If implemented could be a fast way to travel from place to place
    • Location specific missions - far fetched idea, but we could keep it in mind when designing the city

    Buildings Ideas:

    • Burj al Kerbin, highest building on Kerbin ~600m - separate modeling competition just for it.
    • University campus - Kerbal Institute of Technology to teach new generations of Kerbal engineers.
    • Kiberty island with Statue of Kiberty
    • Monument to Squad
    • Monument to fallen Kerbals
    • Racetrack
    • Stonehenge or temple with a place to look at aligning planets or just Mun.
    • City Hall or Forum
    • Cantilevered launch pad hanging over water
    • Oil Refinery
    • Powerplant (nuclear/coal/oil?)
    • Wind farms
    • low detail residential area (suburbs)

    Refer to this spreadsheet for all the people applied for Phase C:
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    Looks cool, I know nothing about modeling so I won't enter but I will watch.

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    indeed this will be fun AND a hint to the devs

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    Badass, mate. Good luck with this.

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    I think I can help for the airport if needed, and see what I can do for the buildings.

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    Interesting idea. I might be interested.

    How are you planning to implement tunnels though? This is no simple task to do. You won't be able to make a hole in the ground and could only put a hole through any structure you have added.

    Are you including a pavement with those streets, or is it the road only?

    It may also be beneficial to lay down a few more guidelines for construction, say ideal heights for building floors compared to the Kerbals. Sure, people won't have to stick to that, but it'd be useful to pick a height that seems right and have that as a base. (so the apparent height of floors in the buildings doesn't vary wildy)

    I'd also advise anyone interested to read B9's blog on making the new space center. Some really good advice on how a building can be made that looks fantastic not just from a distance but up close too.

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    I think I can do the bridge.
    I'm in.
    I'll have fun with this, great idea Nothke.
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    This looks fun. I call corner D1.

    Question: Do you want us to model the roads on our corner as well?
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    Looks cool. Good luck to all.

    Ideas for anyone:
    -Monument like the Statue of Liberty in the shape of a Kerbal
    -Eiffel/large radio tower
    -Hangars similar to the island near KSC
    -Static boats/ships in the water

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