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Thread: My new 3DA-Shuttle

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    My new 3DA-Shuttle

    3DA means 3-Delta & Asparagus-Shuttle an features

    • all stock parts design
    • payload capabability 5t in to 250km circular orbit
    • orbital flight after reentry @ 300-350m/s @ 10.000m for 35+ min.
    • center tank deorbit ability (needs ~150 units of monopropelant from a 250km circular orbit)

    Shuttle Feature

    • 1200 units of monopropelant
    • four rockomax 24-77 and fife FL-T100 tanks for orbital maneuvering
    • two turbojet engines for atmospheric flight after reentry
    • Clamp-O-Tron Docking port equiped with remote guidance unit to assist docking maneuvers
    • PB-NUK for endless elecricity

    Center Tank feature

    • remote guidance unit to enable deorbit maneuvers after decoupling
    • Bats and solar panels for elecricity
    • plenty of monopropelant for transfers and deorbit

      Easy to fly but i strong reccommend a very late garv turn(!)
      Activate RCS and SAS on the Pad until your in orbit and start your turn at 25k+
      After reentry deactivate your 24-77s (4x) and start your jet engines at 10-12k - you can make good use of your RCS fuel left over to support your jet engines or braking.

    Pictures of test flight One

    Pictures of test flight Two – withcupola module

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