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Thread: kOS Scriptable Autopilot System 0.9

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    kOS Scriptable Autopilot System 0.9

    Warning: This thread refers to an old, now abandoned, version of this mod.
    For the newer version that is still receiving updates, please visit this thread instead.

    What's new

    Current Version: 0.9

    - New Expression System
    - Version Info
    - Targeting of bodies, getting stats
    - Get values from other ships, just like current ship
    - Send commands to chutes, legs and solar panels individually
    - Round function to x decimals, modulo
    - Setting values on structures
    - Vectors now use double precision
    - Get apoapsis and periapsis of a node

    What is it

    kOS is a scriptable autopilot Mod for Kerbal Space Program. It allows you write small programs that automate specific tasks.

    With kOS, you can issue commands to your ships via a command line, or write programs to automate tasks. kOS can interact with other parts on your craft via action groups, it can also be set to run programs in response to action groups being fired.

    kOS requires Kerbal Space Program 0.22 or later.

    Where to get it

    Download the latest version from Kerbal SpacePort
    Go to the GitHub Page


    Simply merge the contents of the zip file into your Kerbal Space Program folder.


    Add the Compotronix SCS part to your vessel; it’s under the “Control” category in the Vehicle Assembly Building or Space Plane Hanger. After hitting launch, you can right-click on the part and select the “Open Terminal” option. This will give you access to the KerboScript interface where you can begin issuing commands and writing programs.

    The SCS module requires some electric charge to operate. You can shut it off to save power by right-clicking it and using the "Toggle Power" option.

    Some commands can be aborted, including programs that you have run. Simply open the terminal and hit control-c to break. This is useful if you accidentally write something that runs forever.


    Readme page on GitHub - Contains full KerboScript manual
    Dev blog - This will be the primary source for news about the mod.
    Changelog - Details on each and every release, by popular demand


    Community WIKI - created by norcalairman, maintained by Bizz Keryear

    Introductory videos

    Video #1: Introduction
    Video #2: Tips & Tricks
    Video #3: 0.3 Update
    Video #4: 0.4 Update
    Video #5: 0.5 Update


    This software is released under the GNU GPL version 3, 29 July 2007. View complete license on GitHub.
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    This sounds nice,but can you include some pictures besides the videos?

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    Looks awesome ! An integration with remoteTech in the future would be cool

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    I was thinking the same thing! One step further in immersing yourself in a semi "real" space program. Sending up code to your orbiting probes just like the pro's.
    If you thought you had a Kerbal Space Program addiction before you learned to dock....

    Have you cleaned your PC heat sinks recently?????

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    I found a strange bug. When I try to open the terminal, I'm greeted with this

    I do have a lot of mods installed, so I'll see if I can figure out what is causing the problem.

    Edit: Nope, nothing to do with mods. I'm playing on a Mac if that helps. Also, I got in contact with you via reddit while this was being approved so this edit doesn't really meant much :/
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    Nice! One suggestion: one of the flight statistics it would be nice to have is ATTITUDE (not to be confused with ALTITUDE), a vector describing the ship's current attitude, allowing you to make relative adjustments, e.g. LOCK STEERING TO ATTITUDE + R(0.1, 0, 0) or something like that...

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    Dear KevenLaity,

    I was trying to install your add-on today and it appears to be not functioning correctly! I installed the files and build a test vehicle. When I opened the window, there were a bunch of question marks! Any solution or ideas?


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    This is great! Can it handle vector math like dot products and cross products? I see this can run on inactive ships which is great! Can it handle target vectors like relative velocity, direction, and distance? Also, how does it handle controls? When you set it to turn over for the gravity turn, it was very smooth and gradual, but you didn't put in any code to handle turn rates.

    I recommend starting a wiki documentation page with every command, along with its inputs/outputs, and what type of data it uses (I/O vector or number or variable or object or target or table or array etc.). Like the Gmod Expression 2 wiki. Also should add an error checker that we can run to verify the code before actually using it.
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    I have just found my new number one mod
    I do have one question, is there a way to set up program loops and if not do you plan to add that in the future?

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