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Thread: Anyone else like the smell of Gasoline?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurntPhoenix View Post
    gas is a meh smell for me. But a whiff of hot diesel/lubricants blowing from a passing train? GOD that smells good!
    I like that smell! One of the benefits of having trains from 40 years ago still running regular services...

    It is true, some people will sniff large amounts of petrol fumes to get hight. In some parts of the (Australia's) Northern territory, it's quite a big problem. The government has had to alter the chemicals in the petrol to fight it, as it does awful things to your brain.
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    I LOOOOVE the smell of Gasoline (or petrol, as we call it over the pond)! But I probably won't like the taste of it...

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    Uh . . no? I don't like smelling poison?

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    I somewhat like smell of nitric acid and propanol.
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    Gasoline, diesel, napalm, thermite, cordite, c4, gunpowder, smokeless powder, semtex ahh the wonderful smells of summer roasting the world on an open fire for breakfast.

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    I love the smell of good ol' gas-o-leen. I also love play with it whilst I have a box of matches and a propane torch around. What I do not love, however, is when it rebels against me stomping it's flame out by setting my shoe on fire.

    I haven't ever gotten high off it but one thing it will do, if you smell enough of it, is burn the heck out of your nose and give you a headache.

    Tip o' the day: Don't, under any circumstances, fill a plastic bottle full of propane gas and ignite it. All it will do is burn your thumbs and melt the bottle.
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    Flymetothemun reminds me of the nice and relaxing song of the same name!
    Also, the guy is a veteran who has been around for ages and only posts when it really matters.

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    I dislike the of petrol, but my god frocks and that banjo teak oil smells good.
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    I enjoy it also. Is it a thing that is like a "like" that each individual people have different ones, or is it that all humans share?

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    This discussion is weird to me, as I don't like the smell of petrol fumes :p

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    ROFLCopter: everybody is unique, even just the sensitivity of your nose to certain compounds is "random*". you sense compounds in the air by having a whole load of sense cells that detect a specific region (for example if you were detecting words, you may have a "th" sensor and a "sh" sensor and a "at" sensor ect). to detect specific compounds you use population coding to work out what is in your nose. (again that example: "hmmm my 'at' and 'th' sensors are going off. obviously its that i can sense).
    So now we have your personalised smell sensitivity thingy. but do you LIKE what you smell. Your body likes 3 types of things, things that are important (salient), things that are GOOD (erm, goodness?) and things that are assosiated with either of the previous ones. Its likely petrol (gasoline) falls into either the salient or associated bits.

    SO: either we all had excellent times just before/during being in a petrol station (toilet break/stretch = relief = good; food = satisfing = good; happy car journey = good) OR the specific levels of smell we sense are just slightly more nommy than other people!

    *random not used properly - genetics and environment, definately not random but yeah, you get the point

    PS: i love the smell of all solvents, i dont "sniff" them, but i enjoy them when the smell wafts over me.
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