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Thread: [0.23] KerbPaint - Paint layering for parts (September 23rd) (Same Old, Still Works!)

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    [0.23] KerbPaint - Paint layering for parts (September 23rd) (Same Old, Still Works!)

    KerbPaint - Part Painting
    Download (Updated September 23rd) (source)

    KerbPaint is a shader replacement addon that adds alternate versions of all of KSP's builtin shaders designed to permit recoloring of select parts.
    Painting is accomplished by the use of the "P" Key to both select and highlight parts for painting, then tuning the paint colors and layers using the interface.

    I love screenshots. They are what fuel me and get me through my day. Please share screenshots of your painted crafts!

    At the moment there is support for all stock fuel tanks, several command pods and most stock aero surfaces. While authoring new paint masks is fairly quick, the shear volume of them makes the process of complete support fairly daunting, but expect constant paint and .cfg updates with this mod until stock support is complete.

    Because of Module Manager, it does not break compatibility with anything (Except probably Universe Replacer)
    Adding/removing this mod should not break any save files or affect save compatibility. It does not add or require any parts.

    September 14th 
    September 15th
     Fixed DYJ PWings support
     Added "Specific" Config option
     Added "DeepReplace" Config option
     Added tutorial to the Imgur Gallery
     Previously unpaintable Aero-surfaces have been corrected
     Some work on making fairings paintable, still having issues :'(
    September 16th
     Broke Aero surfaces to fix a bug with SRB particles
     Managed to fix Aero and solve bug, but broke DYJ PWings
      After hammering it for a while, not having any luck fixing Pwings, disabled for release
     Integrated Stretchy Tanks
      Didn't end up deriving the paintmask, did it blindly, so no license issue with distributing the integration (It would have been CC-Atr-Sharealike anyways, so not a big deal)
      Had to write a special handler for Stretchy tank texture swaps, added StretchyFix field to ModulePaintable
     Still working out how to best override materials, fairings working but not displaying properly
     I swear I'll get PWings working for a release not not break it before build eventually
    September 16th B
     All Aero surfaces done
     Three more pods added
     Solar panels added
     Inline docking port added
     21+ new parts supported
    September 23rd (A little sooner if you downloaded during the forum outage)
     40+ new parts supported
     All Spaceplane Cockpits
     All Spaceplane fuselages
     Some Fairing support (Still misbehaving)
     Rewrote material access and shader caching
      No more disk access for each part
      Materials don't leak (For the most part)
     DYJ's Procedural Wings Working (Whoo)
    Known Bugs
    Menu pops up at odd times during flight if not closed in VAB. Stays closed once closed though. - Partial fix
    Loading vehicles in VAB may misapply paint or shaders when loading a whole craft, only in VAB, it all works after launch. - Mostly fixed, lurking edge cases
    Rarely propulsion particles may be broken, I'm a bit confused as to why, if anyone finds a consistent reproduce please share.

    Finish adding support for stock parts - 98% Done!
    Fairings! Fairings are the major element that stand out at the moment as out of place - 50% Done! Works in VAB, not sure why failing in flight
    More mod support (Suggestions for mods to integrate?)
    Implemented: PWings, Stretchy Tanks
    Next: KW Rocketry

    Contents of the folder go into GameData, so that your structure should look like .../GameData/KerbPaint/Plugins/PluginData/KerbPaint/
    Paint masks live inside the KerbPaint plugin data folder as "_Paint" files. They are actually png images, however to prevent KSP from loading the images outside the plugin they have been stripped of extension.
    Additional configs can be placed inside the GameData/KerbPaint/Plugins folder to add custom paint masks, a description of the process is inside the stock config

    Makes use of ModuleManager
    Paint masks for default parts have limited distribution terms as they are derived from stock parts, though I welcome distribution of additional cfgs and masks, just not these.
    This means: do not distribute the provided paint masks outside of this forum, if modifying the masks provide clear origin.
    Paint masks for mods use textures derived from other mods and are thus subject to additional terms.
    Procedural Wings Paints derived with permission from DYJ
    Stretchy Tanks Textures done blindly (It happened to work)
    At the moment the source is provided only by necessity, and is not to be used beyond learning purposes. This is may change.
    This mod is released, for the time being, for no external distribution or revision except where otherwise listed (The paint masks)
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    Support for procedural fuel tanks (stretchytanks) definitely has to be added. This is amazing.

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    <3 looks really coooooooooool downloading.

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    Ooo fancy! Works great for me so far.

    Very nice to be able to change colors on ships in orbit.
    Last edited by Stankleberry; 15th September 2013 at 10:28.

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    If you load a ship with paint on it without the mod installed, the paint won't be there and will be lost next time the ship is loaded, but it will not delete or break the craft in any way. (You can paint it again in orbit if you reinstall)

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    Support for lack luster labs would be nice

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    Sr. Spacecraft Engineer M.Wolfy's Avatar
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    Very nice, though i try not to use mods that add/modify parts, so i won't be using this
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    You can make an exception for this, it is totally worth it
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    Trying now, this looks long overdue.

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    So, basically, is it a pack of differently colored textures, that can be reloaded in game?
    Great thing! I assume that it is rather easy to make custom textures for stock and mod parts.
    Is it time to expect various user-made packs like for the universe replacer mod?

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