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Thread: The Great kOS Archive

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    Lightbulb The Great kOS Archive

    Dear fellow KSP-ers, today I present to you a simple idea that may become very useful in the future, should you cooperate.

    Since the kOS mod was released the final compromise between simplicity and effort in what autopilots are concerned. Thus I propose the Great Archive, where I will do my best to keep track of the best programs in a variety of criteria, listed below. So if you want to contribute to the community with your genius sky-crane landing procedure or aircraft auto-land code, or if you just want to share an alternative or even just learn please feel free to PM me about it.





    Administrators are responsible for maintaining this thread and keep up the Archive in the next post.

    Testers are assigned programs by administrators to test and rate on:
    Genius - (how amazing, original, and surprisingly useful it is)
    Usefulness - (how useful it actually is in the situations it was designed for)
    Optimization - (simplicity in byte size and/or structure and design)
    Generalization - (how well it performs in different crafts, characteristics, and situations)

    Any advice, criticism, and suggestions are very welcome.
    Great thanks to SQUAD for the game and KevinLaity for the mod.

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    The Archive

    Purpose ------ Code ------ Author ------- Tester

    --------- ------ ------- -------

    --------- ------ ------- -------

    --------- ------ ------- -------

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    Would it be possible to make a drive function? If you could that would be awesome. Something like drive forward at x speed for y minutes.

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    There is a wiki with a few contributors trying to fill the gap left by Kevin Laity's thin README file. Perhaps The Great KOS Archive could live there?

    I had a good hover and skycrane deployment script I'd contribute but it's currently doing a lot of work it shouldn't have to anymore after the 0.61 update and I'm still trying to simplify it.

    Also, there should be a discussion about conventions and how to make things interoperable and usable. For example, I'd like to see a generic bodystats file everyone can use that does nothing more than lookup a body name (which will usually be your current body but doesn't have to be) and fill a bunch of stat variables about the body (radius, gravity, mass, atmosphere properties, etc.)

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    There is already a thread for this. Though it is bizarrely in The Science Labs forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CleverClothe View Post
    There is already a thread for this. Though it is bizarrely in The Science Labs forum.
    I can't find this. After the forum reboot old URLS no longer work, and I did a search for that thread and didn't see it.

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    You just need to change the "showthread.php" to "threads" and that's it, here's the thread you are looking for:

    Since there is indeed a thread for this, I'll close this one.
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