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Thread: Save Maneuver Nodes Within Quicksaves

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    Save Maneuver Nodes Within Quicksaves

    The title says it all; Maneuver nodes that you've spent time struggling and tweaking with should really be saved when you quicksave. On numerous occasions, I end up making the desired node to get me wherever I'm trying to go, but then something catastrophic happens (like a nuclear engine breaking off due to the buggy fairings) and I'm forced to quickload and lose the node(s) that took me a good chunk of time to perfect.

    I ask that when you quicksave, if you have any nodes at the time, they should be saved along with everything else, and loaded along with everything else. Thanks for reading.

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    I approve this idea! the fact the game does NOT currently save them in a quick save <i dont think it even does this in auto-save either> it can be brutal to lose them, especially if you are chaining 3 or 4 or MORE hard to perfect node sequences
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    Already in the what not to suggest list sticky.
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