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Thread: [1.02] KW Rocketry v2.7 Available - 1.02 Compatibility! - 16/05/2015

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    [1.02] KW Rocketry v2.7 Available - 1.02 Compatibility! - 16/05/2015

    KW Rocketry v2.7

    Version 1.02 Compatibility

    By Winston & Kickasskyle

    KW Rocketry is the premiere modpack produced by Kickasskyle and Winston. Built originally for KSP version .15, KW Rocketry has seen many iterations, and has been reworked for KSP version .22 up to what we see now. KW Rocketry was originally produced as a pack meant to add more parts with realistic balance to KSP, with a focus on VAB built vehicles. KSP has been widely used, however, for everything from fuel stations to shuttles and has seen many fan built craft posted on the KSP official forums.

    KW Rocketry now features emissives on every engine, normals for every part, and a number of brand new parts, including side-mounted tanks styled after those on the Vostok and Soyuz rockets. KW Rocketry also includes two different versions of the vanilla strut part, a choice of automatic or manual engine fairings and a number of 1-5m converter fuel tank parts.


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    A Teaser trailer for v2.6, by Winston.


    Kerbal Stuff:
    Alternative MEGA Download:!MtVlnRzS!LT9Yo9...ovb4XneFC7yvGw


    How to install:
    Firstly, ensure any older version of KW has been removed.

    How to install:
    Firstly, Insure any older version of KW has been removed. (GameData/KWRocketry)
    How to install:
    Firstly, Insure any older version of KW has been removed. (GameData/KWRocketry)
    Now, for a normal install simply unpack the GameData folder included in the download 
    >> MERGING << the folders when prompted. This should be all you are required to do 
    for a basic install.
    For alteratively instant power response on engines 
    you have to extract the GameData folder contained within the Extras/InstantPowerResponseConfigs 
    folder after having previously installed KW Rocketry as above.You should merge and overwrite 
    the parts files when prompted and this should mean your engines have instant power response. 
    A replacement sound file for the stock launch clamp as by default it drowns out our
    custom sound effects.
    Reduced Clamp sound installation is similar to that above, extract the GameData 
    folder from within Extras/ReduceClampSounds.
    ----SUB ASSEMBLIES----
    To install the subassemblies, simply extract the folder labeled Subassemblies located 
    within the Extras folder into your KSP save folder of choice, for example:
    Kerbal Space Program/saves/(SaveGameName)/

    Some parts may need to be replaced in the VAB to correct any node changes that have been updated.

    Updated to 2.7
    - 1.02 compatibility update.
    - Rebalanced ISPs to account for new aerodynamics.
    - Rebalanced and changed thermal properties to account for the new system.
    - Converted the majority of textures to .dds producing an overall ram saving of about 25%.
    - Updated engines with the latest FX modules.
    - Fixed node issues brought on by v1.0 update.
    - Old FAR compatible fairings moved to extras folder.
    - New procedural fairings added until a better alternative is utilised.
    - Parts in defunct research nodes have been moved to the next best alternative.
    - Subassemblies split into legacy (for old FAR compatible fairings) and default (for the new default procedural fairings).
    - Misc Minor bugfixes.
    Updated to 2.6d2
    -Fixes the instant reaction configs and clamp override sounds.
    Updated to 2.6d
    -.25 Compatability Update
    -Scaling Issues fixed
    -Minor bugfixes
    -Entry costs revised
    Updated to v2.6c
    -Minor bugfixing update.
    -Fixed SPS engine drawing fuel from all monopropellant sources at once.
    -Corrected errors related to decouple sounds.
    -Corrected errors related to 3m fuel tank cost.
    -Corrected model linking errors.
    -Fixed several small node errors causing minor gaps.
    -Altered scaling system to cure scaling issues.
    -Discovered and removed a few redundant files.
    Updated to v2.6b
    -Minor bugfixing update.
    -Corrected errors in the "NoAutoShroudConfigs" that permanently attached shrouds.
    -Fixed the "ReduceClampSounds" calling from an out of date config file.
    -Fixed the 1m shroud decoupler not being correctly labeled as a part.
    -Fixed the shroud decouplers not calling up any sounds.
    -Tweaked the 2m Maverick engine ignition sound volume from 1.5 to 1.7.
    -Reduced the volume of the SRB engine looping sound for the 0.75m Aero SRBs.
    Updated to v2.6
    	- 5m Fairings, nosecones and interstage shrouds.
    	- 5m Fuel tanks at L0.5, L1.5, L3.5 sizes.
    	- Griffon Century added, a 5m heavy lifting engine.
    	- Titan V added, a mid-powered heavy upper stage engine.
    	- Globe X-10L & X-10S Inline 2m solid rocket boosters.
    	- 5m ASAS.
    	- Various extra adapters.
    	- Animated 3x2m petal adapter shroud for landers.
    	- Larger seperation engine.
    	- All fuel tanks remodelled and retextured, 0.5L sizes added to 1-3m.
    	- All fuel tanks remodelled and retextured to reduce memory footprint.
    	- Fairing textures combined to reduce memory footprint.
    	- Existing engines have been converted to the new FX system and utilise various new stock FX.
    	- Specular maps have been drastically improved on the majority of parts adding alot more visual depth.
    	- Flag decals added to all the longest tanks and the new Globe X-10 series.
    	- SPS is now fuelled by monopropellant.
            - Sound effect tweaks.
    	- All prices reworked to be more inline with stock.
    	- Research reworked to be more inline with stock requirements.
    	- Minor retweaks to existing engines, srbs and fuel tanks. 1m Vesta engine rebalanced to be more inline with balanced progression.
    	- Power response added to engines relative to their role or size. eg. GriffonXX has a relatively slow throttle up time due to it being a large stage 1 lifting engine.
    	-Textures and sounds moved/combined to reduce memory footprint, where possible.
    	-Added an extra top node to the majority of engines, this extra node allows for manual shrouds/adaptershrouds to be placed without triggering the automatic shrouds.
    Updated to v2.5.6B
    -Fixed the new docking ring not correctly working.
    Updated to v2.5.6
    -Added revised sounds to remove a static distortion (audiophiles and headphone users rejoice).
    -Added new parts:
          -Dual 3/2m Docking Ring.
    -Rebalanced SRB thrusts to have more continuity.
    -Revised SRB thrusts to work with tweakables, new thrusts are designed off of the median (50% thrust limited) values.
    -Resized Globe X (X-2) SRBs & nozzle so that they correct attach onto 1m parts.
    -Removed Globe X-5 HT, made redundant by tweakables.
    -Engines have extra partfile sections added in to prevent alternator tweakables causing issues.
    Updated to v2.5.5
    -Added new sounds to encompass Fairings, Engines and SRBs
    -Added new parts:
          -Small Batteries (small and long versions)
          -Large Batteries (small and long versions)
          -45 size 1 RCS pod
    -Rebalanced all alternator values to bring parts inline with stock changes
    -Extras folder:
          -Non-Autoshroud config files now reside here
          -Added a reduced volume version of the stock launch clamp sound (old one was louder than rocket engines)
          -Added sub assemblies to replace the ships save files for flexibility
    -Fixed emissive for 2m Vesta engine not displaying due to heat production error
    -Fixed and updated non-autoshrouds in release
    Updated to v2.5.4
    -Added parts to the research tree see: for a rough guide of the progression
    -Fixed node sizes on flat adapters, 2.5m->1.25m, 3.75m->2.5m, 3.75m -> 1.25m
    Updated to v2.5.3
    -Added new parts:
          -Fuel Adapters SHORT, 2.5m->1.25m, 3.75m->2.5m, 3.75m -> 1.25m
          -Radial SAS Halves, 2.5m & 3.75m
    -Rebalanced the Alternator output of all engines to scale correctly
    -Changed the node sizes on all parts to be as close as possible to their size
    Updated to v2.5.2
    -Entire pack re-re-exported reducing the memory impacts of the entire modpack to roughly 265MB (less than the previous redux versions memory impact)
    -Added example rockets to the spaceport download (hopefully)
    -Added a new example rocket
    -Rebalanced Engines:
       -2m Griffon G8D increased by 200 thrust
       -2m Maverick V increased by 100 thrust
       -2m Vesta VR-9D increased by 100 thrust
       -3m GriffonXX increased by 1200 thrust, reduced by 2 Mass, reduced by 70 Heat
       -3m Titan I increased by 900 thrust
       -3m WildcatXR increased by 200 thrust
    -Fixed RCS 1m block vectors so they're horizontal/vertical
    -Fixed the 1.25m SRB nosecone so it'll actually load
    -Added separation motors to the 1.25m SRB nosecone
    Updated to v2.5
    -Entire pack re-exported reducing the overall size to roughly 38% of the previous versions file size
    -Added normal maps and emissives to all engines and SRBs
    -Rebalanced the SRBs and added burn times to their descriptions
    -Added parts:
      -Flat Adapters, 2.5m->1.25m, 3.75m->2.5m, 3.75m -> 1.25m
      -Fuel Adapters, 2.5m->1.25m, 3.75m->2.5m, 3.75m -> 1.25m
      -Side Tanks, 2m, 3m
      -High Thrust version of the Thor SRB, Nearly twice as powerful as standard but with a 60 second burn time.
    -Added flags
    -Added new stock launchers that no longer have premade payloads
    Updated to v2.4
    -Now uses new 0.20 filing system
    -Unable to fix fairing jettison sounds, using stock decoupler sound until this can be resolved
    -Bug fixes
    Updated to v2.3
    -SpacePort is currently corrupting mods if uploaded directly so we’ve uploaded a text file with the download link inside
    Updated to v2.2
    -Further bug fixes, managed to kill those magic shrouds this time
    Updated to v2.1
    -Bug fixes
    Added in v2
    -New 3.75m engine, the Griffon XX with a max thrust of 3800
    -Two new SRBs, the massive Globe X5 and the little Globe I
    -1.25m, 2.5m and 3.75m nose cones
    -1.25m, 2.5m and 3.75m low-profile decouplers
    -1.25m, 2.5m and 3.75m low-profile “Pancake” fuel tanks
    -A stage separation motor slightly larger than the Sepatron
    -A large RCS pod
    -1.25m non-expanded fairings
    -Numerous fixes, tweaks and improvements.
    Updated to v1.2
    -The pack is now updated to work correctly with KSP 0.18.2
    -Normal maps added to many of the parts
    -Re-balanced many of the engines
    -Fairings now decouple more realistically and do not collide with payloads when stacked (demonstration of how to assemble them here
    -Tweaks and bug fixes
    -EDIT – The 3.75m Expanded Fairing Base was still not decoupling, fixed and re-uploaded. Here is the offending part as a separate download so you don’t have to download the whole pack again if you already installed the pack:
    Updated to v1.1
    -A few fixes including the 2.5m L2 tank having 60 units too little oxidizer and the Rigel 3 Heavy craft file not loading.
    Added in v1
    -Three 1.25m liquid engines
    -Four 2.5m liquid engines
    -Two 3.75m engines
    -Four solid rocket boosters
    -Three lengths of fuel tank in each of the three diameters
    -Payload fairings for small probes all the way up to huge station modules
    -Interstage decoupler shrouds and adapters for engines
    -RCS fuel tanks for each of the three diameters
    -An RCS quad

    3m Petal Adapter Instructional Video & Image:

    An Instructional Image

    Instructional Fairing Video:


    Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

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    enjoy folks

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    holy crap this mod is back! woot!

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    they're back!

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    Oh god why would you do this to me? Right in the middle of my no large parts packs cleanse!

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    For some reasons spaceport says "Not allowed file type."
    Promethazine? It should be called epimethazine.

    The cake is a Lie group.

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    When trying to download, the website says "Not allowed file type."

    Maybe Spaceport wants zip, not rar?

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    Link is fixed now! Gonna build me some rockets now.

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