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Thread: Kerbal Merchandise

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    Kerbal Merchandise

    Kerbal souvenirs

    Have you always wished there was a way to show the world that you manage and advanced space exploration center in your free time? Well, wish no more! SQUAD is proud to release a brand new line of KSP merchandise to satisfy your representation desires. Want a cool shirt? A space center mousepad? You can even pimp your ride with a Kerbal bumper sticker!

    Check out our store on Cafepress!
    Your favorite Kerbals as 3D prints

    Have you ever wanted to hold a Kerbal in your hand, look him right in the eye and maybe even congratulate him for surviving a particularly perilous trip? Well now you can! Introducing our limited edition 3D printed lineup, have Bob, Bill and Jeb and many other prominent Kerbals on your desk today!

    Available through Shapeways!

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