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Thread: [0.23] Near Future Propulsion 0.42 (updated 08/03/14, fixes, new reactor)

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    [0.23] Near Future Propulsion 0.42 (updated 08/03/14, fixes, new reactor)

    This pack is designed to provide stock-like near future parts for your space program's needs. It contains electric engines of various types, fuel tanks, nuclear reactors, new solar panels, new batteries, and some useful structural parts.

    The download (currently v0.42, last updated on March 8th, 2014) contains twelve advanced electric engines:

    • 2.5m 10 MW VASIMR engine
    • 1.25m 200 kW VASIMR engine
    • 1.25 m 3500 kW magnetoplasmodynamic thruster
    • 0.625 m 1500 kW magnetoplasmodynamic thruster
    • 1.25 m pulsed inductive thruster
    • 0.625 m pulsed inductive thruster
    • 0.625 m DS4G thruster
    • 0.625 m Hall thruster
    • 0.625 m high-performance Hall thruster
    • 0.625 m AFTER (NEXT) thruster
    • 0.625 m SNAP (HiPEP) thruster
    • 2.5 m SNAP (HiPEP) thruster

    The function of most of the engines is quite simple - power and fuel them, then profit. The two VASIMR engines however need more explaining; they start out at their lowest thrust and highest specific impulse. Use the slider in the VAB or in flight to increase thrust at the cost of specific impulse.

    The engines run on stock xenon and two new resources: hydrogen and argon gas. Make sure to have enough power to run them, as shown in the VAB. Also, don't run them in atmosphere - they'll produce practically no thrust.

    I have also built a number of useful structural parts that are included.
    • 2.5 m octagonal truss set, including adapters to 2.5 m circular parts
    • Fuel tank versions of the 2.5 m trusses
    • Several 1.25 m to 0.625 m adapters
    • Several 2.5 m to 0.625 m adapters

    There are also power generation parts included in the pack:

    • 0.625m 40 kW fission generator
    • 1.25m 250 kW fission reactor
    • 2.5m 2 MW fission reactor
    • 2.5m 8 MW fission reactor
    • Fission fuel containers for the three reactors
    • Heat radiators for the three reactors
    • Orbital reprocessing plant for recycling fission fuel
    • 6 new types of solar panel
    • Larger inline batteries for 0.625, 1.25 and 2.5m size categories
    • 3 inline capacitors, 2 radial capacitors

    Fission Reactors are power generators that run on the EnrichedUranium resource. They are quite heavy and awkward to incorporate into a ship, but rewarding in terms of amount of power generated per mass. There are a few things to make them a little harder to use:
    • Heat Radiators: Place heat radiators on the surface of the reactors and extend them. Without them, the reactors won't produce much/any power. Match the Thermal Power of the reactor in the VAB to the Thermal Radiation of the radiators you're adding - if the total Thermal Radiation is equal to or higher than the Thermal Power listed on the reactor, you'll be fine.
    • Fuel consumption: Eventually the reactors will run out of fuel. This takes a few years. Refueling can be done when the reactor is shut down by EVAing a Kerbal and selecting Refuel when you right click the reactor. If you have a nuclear fuel container on board, refueling will happen. You can also use the Whirlijig reprocessing plant to recycle some fuel.
    • There might be radiation eventually!

    Capacitors are new parts which store electric charge very efficiently as StoredCharge (they have 8x the electric charge per unit mass). They charge up very slowly from your main Ec reserve but can be triggered to discharge all of their energy into your Ec reserve very rapidly. This lets you run higher power engines for longer time periods. Use the right click menu to vary a capacitor's discharge rate down to 50% of its rated maximum.

    Please note that they're not intended to be equivalent to real-world capacitors.

    There are several hydrogen and argon tanks available, and larger xenon tanks.

    If you have a previous version of NearFuture, you must delete the old NearFuture folder BEFORE you install an update!
    Download v0.42 (Primary)
    Download v0.42 (Google Drive)

    Thanks to Majiir for providing me with hosting!



    Reactors/Nuclear Support

    Solar Panels, Batteries and Capacitors

    Argon, Xenon and Hydrogen Tanks

    All the parts are added to the tech tree, generally in the electrical nodes. See the diagram below for a full list (current for 0.33.1).

    Balance is subject to change suddenly and unexpectedly!

    Do you like this pack? Well, I use up tons of coffee modeling it - I would greatly appreciate if you felt like contributing some change to my fund. I can repay your gratitude by working with you on particular parts, even (within reason)

    Known Bugs

    If you don't want to use the plugin component, it's used to run the reactors, radiators, capacitors and engines. You can therefore easily use the solar panels, batteries and structural parts alone. Other parts will require some cfg edits to work.

    The source is available here.
    This plugin is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

    Recent Changes:

    Current (0.42)
    • Fixed radiator rotate flag being on when it wasn't supposed to be
    • Disabled radiator breakage
    • Fixed MX-1 reactor heat animation
    • Added MX-L reactor: 8 MW reactor
    • All nuclear parts (FissionGenerator, FissionContainer and FissionReprocessor) can now use different fuels, specify fuelName and depletedName in the cfg
    • Fixed VW-200 shroud visible in VAB
    • Improved the texture of the lander fuel tank
    • Added basic IVA controls to the Mk3-9 command pod
    • Adjusted ladders on Itinerant and Mk3-9

    • Fixed XR-325 radiator deploy animation
    • Reduced HI-SNAP thrust to 2.3 from 3.1
    • Reduced AFTER power use to 39.5 Ec/s
    • Fixed offset thrust issues on all engines
    • Added Modular Octo-Girder, Modular Octo-Girder Hydrogen Segment, Modular Octo-Girder Xenon Segment, Modular Octo-Girder Hollow Edition, Modular Octo-Girder Adapter
    • Added SM-4 Quadruple, SM-3 Triple and SM-2 Dual Stack Adapters, adapts from 1.25 to 0.625m
    • Added Rockomax Structural Adapter, adapts from 2.5 to 1.25m in a skeletal way
    • Added PX-01 2.5m xenon tank
    • Added Clustered HI-SNAP 2.5m xenon engine
    • Recoloured argon tanks
    • Radiators can now be broken; only from atmospheric effects (reentry, high speeds in atmo) at the moment. Experimental.

    • New emissive effects for all engines
    • New plume effect for PITs
    • New plume effects for the DS4G
    • Fixed KR-XL Solar Array truss opacity
    • Improved performance of OKEB-250 solar array
    • New models, animations and descriptions for GR-2, GR-3 and GR-MINI heat radiators
    • Revised all reactor models to have visible radiator atach nodes, adjusted colliders to allow attachment on said nodes
    • Added Whirlijig Nuclear Reprocessor
    • Added OKEB-150 Blanket Solar Array
    • Added AFTER and HI-SNAP xenon engines
    • Added Gyro-One and Gyro-Two Hall argon engines
    • Increased generation capacity of M-EXP fission generator to 40 Ec/s from 30 Ec/s
    • Reduced Isp of KP-XL PIT to 4500 from 6000
    • Reduced mass of KRK 1x4 PV Panels to 0.06 from 0.075
    • Reduced mass of KR-XL Solar Array to 0.8 from 1.2
    • Reduced mass of OKEB-250 PV Array to 2.25 from 3.5, doubled rotation rate
    • Enriched/Depleted Uranium is now 0.05 t/unit, reactors and fuel cans reweighted to have same wet mass
    • Enriched Uranium quantity is now tweakable
    • Moved A-101 and ARG-5 Argon tanks to Ion Propulsion node
    • Updated some example ships, added new ones

    • Re-added missing Ships folder
    • Increased Hydrogen density by 2x
    • Increased capacity of tiny radial hydrogen tank from 150 to 300
    • DS01: Increased thrust to 28 from 24.2 kN
    • DS02: Increased DS02 Isp to 3200 from 2700, increased thrust from 49 to 68 kN, decreased Ec usage from 2250 to 1600/s, decreased mass to 1 from 1.1 t
    • KP-01: Increased thrust to 8 from 6 kN, increased Isp to 3400 from 3000
    • KP-XL: Increased thrust to 10.5 from 7.8 kN, decreased mass to 0.4 from 0.45 t
    • VW-10K: Increased min thrust to 3.5 kN from 2.5 kN, increased max thrust to 13 kN from 10.5 kN, increased Ec use to 180 from 160/s
    • VW-200: Increased min thrust to 58 from 25 kN, increased max thrust to 210 kN from 105 kN

    Older changelogs are available in the changelog.txt in the download.

    Future Plans

    • More structural parts
    • Bigger reactor
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    Awesome Now, let's see if it's possible to stack enough solar panels and reactors to run these engines at full power
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    Woo! It got released early!

    I guess I don't need to study for that math test tomorrow...

    Addons making your game crash? Try this!

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    Are these scaled to reality, or at least to Kerbal reality? If so, pretty awesome. By the looks of the pictures good job on the models too, they look stock enough while still different.

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    Aw, I found a bug already. The radial xenon tank is rotated in an odd way, i must have broken it at the last minute.

    Quote Originally Posted by Camacha View Post
    Are these scaled to reality, or at least to Kerbal reality? If so, pretty awesome. By the looks of the pictures good job on the models too, they look stock enough while still different.
    Thanks! The goal was to make them look like they fit with stock, roughly.

    They are indeed scaled to kerbal-like properties based on the stock ion engine, so they should be relatively balanced. Well, depends on what people find I suppose.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mekan1k
    No craft files? Too bad...
    Trust me, you don't want my 30 second test craft .

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    Excellent work with these drives/reactors. They blend with the stock parts remarkably well, especially considering what they're based off of. I'm looking forward to using these for orbital tugs and interplanetary ships.

    I've found a potential problem though. With the VASIMR drive, it seems like the thrust might not be quite centered, or perhaps there's a problem with the 1.25 meter reactor's center of mass. I created a pretty basic test craft consisting of a VASIMR drive, 1.25 meter reactor, a couple of inline 1.25 meter batteries, and a small 1.25 meter xenon tank along with a small probe core, however whenever I throttled up it wanted to pull hard to one side. I'll do further testing on it and the other engines later to confirm my findings, but I wanted to mention it just in case it is a real problem.

    Also, how many units of energy are required per second for the various engines?

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    Insta-download. Looks awesome.

    Re: texture reduction. Just...tell him not to strip the darn alpha channels for once, or your FX will be ruined.

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    looks nice, I love mods that fit with the stock parts. Are the heat tolerances of the parts set up properly (or at least at about stock levels) or will I have to change them manually so it works with deadly re-entry?
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