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Thread: [1.02] Near Future Technologies (NFSolar, NFSpacecraft, NFConstruction hotfixed)

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    [1.02] Near Future Technologies (NFSolar, NFSpacecraft, NFConstruction hotfixed)


    Currently I only provide extensive support for 32-bit installations. Many crashes with KSPx64 are native to the game and are very hard or impossible to debug.

    This set of part packs is designed to provide generally stock-like near future parts for your space program's needs. You can pick and choose from various component packs providing electric engines, nuclear reactors, solar panels, structural parts or tech tree options. There are currently five subpacks: Propulsion, Electrical, Construction, Solar and Spacecraft. There is also a pack of example ships.

    If you have a previous version of any of these packs, you must delete the old NearFuture****** folder BEFORE you install an update!

    [OUTDATED] Near Future Propulsion

    v0.4.0, last updated January 3rd 2015
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    This pack contains electrostatic ion engines, plasma engines and VASIMR engines. There are currently 17 types as listed to the right. The function of the engines is quite simple - power them and then profit. The two VASIMR engines however need more explaining; they start out at their lowest thrust and highest specific impulse. Use the slider in the VAB or in flight to increase thrust at the cost of specific impulse.

    The engines run on stock Xenon Gas and two new resources: Liquid Hydrogen and Argon Gas. Make sure to have enough power to run them, as shown in the VAB. Also, don't run them in atmosphere - they'll produce practically no thrust. Good luck powering many of the engines on stock parts though - they're quite power-hungry. I recommend large solar panels from Near Future Solar or nuclear reactors from Near Future Electrical.

    Included in this pack are optional ModuleManager files that change the LV-N to use the Liquid Hydrogen resource as fuel. There are also config files to do the same thing with nuclear engines from various other mods.

    NOTE: The nuclear engine Liquid Hydrogen patch and the PB-ION patch are currently incompatible with the HotRockets mod installed. I'll see about fixing this in the next update.

    Known Issues:

    Future Plans:
    • Electrical RCS systems
    • Redo most gimballed engine art
    • Better engine FX
    Download v0.4.0 (Primary)
    Download v0.3.0 (Secondary - CurseForge)
    Download v0.4.0 (Tertiary - Dropbox)
    Plugin Source
    [Spoiler: Recent Changes (v0.4.0)]
    Historical changelogs are included in the download

    [OUTDATED] Near Future Electrical

    v0.3.1, last updated November 17th 2014
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    This pack contains electrical support parts for generating and storing electricity in the form of Electric Charge: nuclear reactors, additional batteries and capacitors.

    Fission Reactors are power generators that run on the EnrichedUranium resource. They are quite heavy and awkward to incorporate into a ship, but rewarding in terms of amount of power generated per mass. There are a few things to make them a little harder to use:
    • Heat Radiators: Place heat radiators on the surface of the reactors and extend them. Without them, the reactors won't produce much/any power. Match the Thermal Power of the reactor (noted in the VAB) to the Heat Rejection of the radiators you're adding - if the total Heat Rejection is equal to or higher than the Thermal Power listed on the reactor, you'll be fine.
    • Fuel consumption: Eventually the reactors will run out of fuel. This takes a few years, but also occurs in the background when the ship is unfocused. Refueling can be done when the reactor is shut down by EVAing a Kerbal and selecting Refuel when you right click the reactor. If you have a nuclear fuel container on board, refueling will take place. You can also use the Whirlijig reprocessing plant to recycle some spent fuel from a fuel container.

    Capacitors are new parts which store electric charge very efficiently as StoredCharge (they have 8x the electric charge per unit mass). They charge up very slowly from your main Ec reserve but can be triggered to discharge all of their energy into your Ec reserve very rapidly. This lets you run higher power engines for longer time periods. Use the right click menu in the VAB/SPH to vary a capacitor's discharge rate down to 50% of its rated maximum. Capacitors can be automated by ticking the option in the Capacitor window; this will attempt to discharge them as they are needed.

    There are also larger version of the stock inline battery packs (in radial, 0.625, 1.25, 2.5m and 3.75m sizes) for storing large amounts of Electric Charge.

    Known Issues:

    Future Plans:
    • Redo art for nuclear storage containers
    • Additional RTGs
    Download v0.3.1 (Primary)
    Download v0.3.0 (Secondary - CurseForge)
    Download v0.3.1 (Tertiary - Dropbox)
    Plugin Source
    [Spoiler: Recent Changes (v0.3.1)]
    Historical changelogs are included in the download

    [1.02] Near Future Solar

    v0.5.1, last updated May 3rd 2015
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    This pack contains various solar panels that I've sourced from spacecraft concepts. They range from small concentrated solar panels to massive blanket solar arrays.

    Recently, there is plugin component which adds curved a solar panel module. It's used to make the curved panels work correctly.

    Known Issues:
    • Some of the larger solar panels can get stuck when perpendicular to the sun

    Future Plans:
    • Extendable 3.75 -> 10 or 15m panel
    • Shrouded versions for smaller panels
    • More deployable panels (ISS dual rotator, asteroid tug circular panels)
    • Wraparound curved low profile panels
    • Large flat solar farm panels
    Download v0.5.1 (Primary)
    Download v0.5.1 (Secondary - CurseForge)
    Download v0.5.1 (Tertiary - Dropbox)
    Plugin Source
    [Spoiler: Recent Changes (v0.5.1)]
    Historical changelogs are included in the download

    [1.02] Near Future Construction

    v0.5.2, last updated May 4th 2015
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    This pack contains structural components. There is a large truss set that can be useful when building bases or large spacecraft. There are also a number of skeletal-style stack adapters for mounting cluster engines or just looking cool. I also recently added some high-strength docking ports.

    Known Issues:

    Future Plans:
    • Small truss set
    • Probe/SAS octo-girder component
    • Octo-Truss LiquidFuel and Oxidizer variants, new model for LH2/OX variant.
    Download v0.5.2 (Primary)
    Download v0.5.2 (Secondary - CurseForge)
    Download v0.5.2 (Tertiary - Dropbox)
    [Spoiler: Recent Changes (v0.5.2)]
    Historical changelogs are included in the download

    [1.02]Near Future Spacecraft

    v0.4.1, May 3rd 2015
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    This pack is dedicated to space craft components. Currently it contains an advanced 2.5m command pod, a large 3.75m command pod, three low profiles engine, two fuel tanks with service compartments, landing legs, new RCS blocks and a utility/crew pod.

    The Mk3-9 Command Pod has full RasterPropMonitor integration to run internal props and the various digital displays. The plugin not bundled with the download, download separately.

    Known Issues:
    • Service fuel tanks don't have fancy transparency
    • The PPD-1's IVA is unfinished
    • There is a strange visual bug when fully zoomed out in the right window of the Mk3-9 IVA

    Future Plans:
    • Radial landing engines (SuperDraco style)
    • Additional landing legs
    • Lander pods?
    • Finishing the IVAs for the various pods
    Download v0.4.1 (Primary)
    Download v0.4.1 (Secondary - CurseForge)
    Download v0.4.1 (Tertiary - Dropbox)
    [Spoiler: Recent Changes (v0.4.1)]
    Historical changelogs are included in the download

    OUTDATED Near Future Example Ships

    v0.2.1, last updated August 16th 2014
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    Looking for some interesting example ships, or some pointers on how to build something with the new parts? Look no further than this download, which contains example vessels using NFT parts for your perusal. I can't say for sure which contains parts from each pack (they tend to be mixed), so I recommend installing all the packs first before using these.

    If you think you've made something super cool and unique, feel free to PM me, I'll see about including it in the download!

    Known Issues:

    Future Plans:
    Download v0.2.1 (Primary)

    Download v0.2.1 (Tertiary - Dropbox)
    [Spoiler: Recent Changes (v0.2.1)]
    Historical changelogs are included in the download

    Tech Tree
    These packs are fully compatible with the Community Tech Tree. Install the CTT (2.0+) and ModuleManager and parts from these mods will be placed in new tech nodes. Solar gets new nodes, Propulsion gets a whole new subtree, as does Electrical. Spacecraft and Construction have some minor rearrangements.

    Special Thanks
    A big hand to Streetwind for helping me out with a lot of balance tweaks. No seriously, he's great .

    All of the above packs are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This means that you are free to share and adapt the materials only for non-commercial purposes and when providing appropriate attribution. Any derivatives must be distributed under the same license. This of course does not apply to any of the bundled plugins of whom I am not the author. RasterPropMonitor, CrossfeedEnabler, KSPAPIExtensions and ModuleManager are all distributed under their own licenses, details can be found in the provided links.

    Do you like this pack? Well, I use up tons of coffee modeling it - I would greatly appreciate if you felt like contributing some change to my fund. I can repay your gratitude by working with you on particular parts, even (within reason)

    Many thanks to Majiir for providing me with hosting!

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q:The IVA for the PPD-1 is white! Did you forget it?
    A: IVAs are long and slow to make. Consider it a WIP.

    Q:Why did you nerf the PB-ION?
    A: As the PB-ION is unlocked "relatively" early in the stock tech tree, the power of the PB-ION engine so that you can still have a meaningful progression of advanced engines after it while still leaving nuclear and chemical engines with niches of their own.

    Q: Is this compatible with KSP Interstellar?
    A: There is no supported compatibility, however, the engines can be powered by KSPI's reactors and the solar panels will function just fine. Balance, however, will not be great.

    Q: Will you add fusion reactors?
    A: As soon as a prototype reliably produces power.

    Q: Why are your capacitors so unrealistic? That's not how a capacitor works!
    A: If you're going to nitpick this, there's a lot worse with the KSP electrical system. If you want actual accuracy, as far as I'm aware there's no power distribution mod out there, go make it!

    Q: Will you add EmDrives/other hypothetical engines based on vague concepts and not-fully understood physics?
    A: Nah. See the fusion reactor answer.

    Q: Is there RealFuels/ModularFuelTank compatibility?
    A: No, but it is planned eventually.
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    Awesome Now, let's see if it's possible to stack enough solar panels and reactors to run these engines at full power
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    Woo! It got released early!

    I guess I don't need to study for that math test tomorrow...

    Addons making your game crash? Try this!

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    Are these scaled to reality, or at least to Kerbal reality? If so, pretty awesome. By the looks of the pictures good job on the models too, they look stock enough while still different.

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    Aw, I found a bug already. The radial xenon tank is rotated in an odd way, i must have broken it at the last minute.

    Quote Originally Posted by Camacha View Post
    Are these scaled to reality, or at least to Kerbal reality? If so, pretty awesome. By the looks of the pictures good job on the models too, they look stock enough while still different.
    Thanks! The goal was to make them look like they fit with stock, roughly.

    They are indeed scaled to kerbal-like properties based on the stock ion engine, so they should be relatively balanced. Well, depends on what people find I suppose.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mekan1k
    No craft files? Too bad...
    Trust me, you don't want my 30 second test craft .

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    Excellent work with these drives/reactors. They blend with the stock parts remarkably well, especially considering what they're based off of. I'm looking forward to using these for orbital tugs and interplanetary ships.

    I've found a potential problem though. With the VASIMR drive, it seems like the thrust might not be quite centered, or perhaps there's a problem with the 1.25 meter reactor's center of mass. I created a pretty basic test craft consisting of a VASIMR drive, 1.25 meter reactor, a couple of inline 1.25 meter batteries, and a small 1.25 meter xenon tank along with a small probe core, however whenever I throttled up it wanted to pull hard to one side. I'll do further testing on it and the other engines later to confirm my findings, but I wanted to mention it just in case it is a real problem.

    Also, how many units of energy are required per second for the various engines?

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    Insta-download. Looks awesome.

    Re: texture reduction. Just...tell him not to strip the darn alpha channels for once, or your FX will be ruined.

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    looks nice, I love mods that fit with the stock parts. Are the heat tolerances of the parts set up properly (or at least at about stock levels) or will I have to change them manually so it works with deadly re-entry?
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