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Thread: Basic Aircraft Design - Explained Simply, With Pictures

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    Basic Aircraft Design - Explained Simply, With Pictures

    Hey KSP folks! The Space Plane Hangar remains a conundrum for quite a few, and since it's one of my favorite parts of KSP, I wanted to shed some light on concepts that might help others build their own successful aircraft.

    In retrospect, this is something between a design and basic concepts of flight tut, but whatever, here goes!

    Basic Aircraft Design .craft pack - Here is a basic .craft pack I've put together with some stupid-simple designs taking different approaches.

    And the easiest plane to fly ever, the EZ Trainer Mk7 "Just hold the S-key" Edition.

    ~The tut is an embedded image, you should see it below this text. It may take some time to download.

    Alternate Mirror:

    French guide, by Varsass -

    Translation Permissions:
    You have my permission to translate this guide into other languages if one does not already exist. Please be respectful to the original content by maintaining its indented meaning if possible. The font used for the guide is Humor Sans and can be downloaded here. You may use different fonts for your translation as needed.

    Please include a link to this thread in your post for your translated version. In addition, please private message me a link to your translation so I may include it here. Thanks!

    v28.1 - Added section for Angle of Incidence, asymmetric thrust compensation, landing gear positioning, minor fixes
    v25.1 - Minor fixes and rephrasing, spelling corrections
    v25 - Expanded drag force, landing gear, CoL relative to CoM, Added section on AoA, several other fixes
    v20 - Clarified the relationship of CoL to CoM, neutral stability
    v19 - With an additional 50% material; center of thrust, center of lift, edit fixes on existing articles
    v11 - Turbo infused with 100% more knowledge!
    v7 - Initial Release
    For a more realistic drag model, check out Ferram Aerospace Research:
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    I see no pictures..
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    Hmm, I just changed hosts, it should work now. I added some mirror links at the bottom of the OP if it doesn't.

    *10/9 Edit* - Updated the tutorial with 100% more knowledge!
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    Thanks! Needed this a lot. Very well done.

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    Good job, glad to see you added a much needed section on CoT, hopefully more people will know what causes their jets to start spinning out at high altitudes (or weird orientations).

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    Massive props for this thread!

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    Most definitely one for the Drawing Board!
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    Upvote. +1. Would read again.
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