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Thread: The Grand 0.22 Discussion Thread

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    The Grand 0.22 Discussion Thread

    Hello everyone and welcome to 0.22!

    After months of hard work, sweat, blood and tears SQUAD is proud to release version 0.22! This version is the first in which you'll be able to challenge yourself in career mode and work with the newly implemented Research and Development system. There are, of course, many other changes, improvements and updates, the most important of which you will find listed below. We have also fixed a long list of bugs including the bug that caused the scene and SOI transitions to be incredibly long.

    This thread is meant for discussions regarding the 0.22 update and will be filled with relevant information!

    So what's new?
    Career Mode
    • Career Mode is now open! Although still very much under development, you can now start new Career saves.
    • Sandbox mode, of course, is also available from the start.

    Research and Development
    • Added the Research & Development Facility to the Space Center.
    • R&D allows players to unlock parts (and later other stuff) by researching nodes on the Tech Tree (In Career Mode).

    • Researching requires Science, which must be earned by performing experiments during your missions.
    • You can now collect surface samples while on EVA, and process them to do Science.
    • Science experiments return results, which are different for each situation in which the experiment is performed.
    • Experiments can (as all proper experiments must) be repeated over many different situations across the whole Solar System.
    • Added a new dialog to show the results of experiments when reviewing the collected data.
    • Added a new dialog to show a breakdown of all scientific progress made after recovering a mission.

    • Added new scientific parts, like the Materials Bay and the Mystery Goo™ Canister. Also added experiments to many existing parts.
    • The old science sensors now have a purpose. They all have their own experiments which enable them to log scientific data.
    • The antennas are now functional, and can be used to transmit science data back to Kerbin, if recovering the physical experiments is not an option.
    • Antennas consume massive amounts of power when transmitting. Make sure you have fresh batteries in.
    • Added a new deployable antenna, which is an intermediate model compared to the two original ones.
    • Completely remodelled the Communotron 88-88 Comms Dish. The new mesh uses the same placement rules so it won't break ships that have it.
    • Nose Cones now actually help with improving stability during atmospheric flight.
    • Revised a lot of part values and descriptions, in preparation for them actually meaning something in the near future.
    • Overhauled the landing legs and gears, they now have proper shock-absorbing suspensions.

    • Added a system to allow saving and loading of Sub-Assemblies.
    • Subassemblies are subsets of spacecraft, which can later be attached to other designs and re-used.

    Space Center
    • The KSC Facilities have all been revised, and feature new ground meshes and many other graphical improvements.
    • Greatly improved the Island Airfield.
    • Added lighting FX to several facilities. The Runway (among many other things) is now properly lit at night.
    • Added a new backdrop and soundtrack for the Astronaut Complex Facility.
    • Added a new music track for the R&D Facility.

    • It is now possible to recover a flight after landing/splashdown on Kerbin without going through the Tracking Station. Look above the Altimeter.
    • The SAS system was again largely overhauled, based on all the feedback we've gotten from everyone. It's now stabler than ever.

    Solar System
    • Celestial Bodies now support Biome Maps, which are used to create different conditions for experiments.
    • Biomes are currently implemented on Kerbin and on Mun, more will be added on later updates.

    • We've got a new launcher application for KSP, featuring a news bulletin, patcher management, and also allows you to tweak settings from outside the game.

    Windows and OSX Installers
    • The KSPStore version of the game can now also be downloaded as an installer wizard on Windows, and as a .dmg image on OSX.

    Bug Fixes and Tweaks
    • Fixed an issue that caused a stream of errors to be thrown after planting a flag and opening the map.
    • Fixed several minor and not-so-minor issues with scene transitions.
    • Greatly improved the scene transition times. Loading delays between scenes should be significantly reduced.
    • The SAS indicator on the UI now changes colors to indicate when your input is overriding it.

    How do I update to 0.22?
    For people who purchased KSP through the KSP store: you can either go to the KSP website and log into your account and then click the yellow "my account" button to find your KSP download or you can browse to the directory in which you installed KSP and run the patcher to update. The latter is recommended because it only downloads updated files and should be able to complete the update process quicker.

    For people who purchased KSP through Steam or transferred their purchase to Steam: most likely you won't have to do anything, but do make sure you're set to receive updates for KSP by rightclicking the game in your games library, select properties and look under the 'updates' tab.

    What do I do if I encounter bugs or if my game won't work?
    First of all make sure that your mods are up to date with KSP 0.22, as with any update this one will break compatibility for a lot of them. If the problem persists try completely deleting the KSP folder and then reinstalling. This will make sure no old files are left, but you may want to create a backup for your save files first. If you're still experiencing issues head over to the Support & Bugs forum, but be sure to read the relevant sticky threads before posting a topic! Every release brings a lot of support requests and the answers to most questions can be found in the stickys.

    Are you having trouble getting your craft working? How does the new science system work? Answers to all questions!



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