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Thread: [0.25] Deadly Reentry v6.3.1 Beta!, Nov 12, 2014

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    [0.25] Deadly Reentry v6.3.1 Beta!, Nov 12, 2014

    This update is by Starwaster.
    ialdabaoth (who is awesome) created Deadly Reentry 2, based on r4m0n's Deadly Reentry; this is a continuation. This continues NathanKell's work on Deadly Reentry continued, and he might contribute more at times.

    License remains CC-BY-SA as modified by ialdabaoth.
    Also included: Module Manager (by sarbian, swamp_ig, and ialdabaoth). See Module Manager thread for details and license and source:
    Module Manager is required for DREC to work.

    Note: Does not support KSP 0.25 Windows x64 release.

    A note on settings (regardless of whether you're using FAR):
    1. Playing on Stock Kerbin, want traditional DRE functionality: don't change anything
    2. Playing on Stock Kerbin, want "harder" / hotter reentry (i.e. faking an 8km/sec reentry): set the shockwave exponent and multiplier to taste; I suggest exponent 1.12 to start. You will need heat shields built for RSS. Place this file in your DeadlyReentry folder.
    3. Playing on Earth or 10x Kerbin (RSS), want heating to be realistic: don't change anything. Use RSS class heat shields. You can get heatshields configured for RSS, and much more, in the Realism Overhaul release thread.
    4. Playing on Earth or 10x Kerbin (RSS), want traditional Kerbin sized-level of heating (aka "easy") set _heat_ multiplier to 12 or so.

    1. If you currently have Deadly Reentry installed, go to KSP/GameData/DeadlyReentry and delete everything (files and folders) except custom.cfg. Also delete any old versions of ModuleManager (modulemanager.dll for example) in your KSP/GameData folder.
    2. Extract this archive to your KSP/GameData folder.

    Be careful how you reenter. Make sure your craft has a heatshield (the Mk1 pod has a built-in heatshield, as do stock spaceplanes; the Mk1-2 needs a heat shield from the Structural tab). For a low Kerbin orbit reentry, try for a periapsis of about 20km. On Kerbin, do not deploy your parachuteuntil speed has dropped below ~350m/s. (typically you should be at a safe velocity by the time you reach an altitude of 7km)

    Hold down ALT+D+R to enable debugging. This lets you change settings in-game, and shows additional information when you right-click parts. After making any changes, hit save to write to custom.cfg. Hold ALT+D+R to make the window go away and disable debugging.

    [Spoiler: Click me for Frequently Asked Questions!]

    [Spoiler: Click Me For Change Log!!!]

    Version 6.3.1 BETA DOWNLOAD!
    Source on Github

    Last edited by Starwaster; 12th November 2014 at 20:29. Reason: Released 6.3.1 beta! And fed Cleopatra some fresh grilled chicken. You know you care about that.

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    [0.24.2] Deadly Reentry Continued v5.3.2, Oct 4 14 again

    Last edited by NathanKell; 7th October 2014 at 16:14.

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    Awesome as always, Nathan :-D

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    Aw, thanks!

    A note to anyone playing with Human-size Kerbin: setting temperature mult to 8 (instead of the stock 25) seemed to work just about right for me.

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    Nice to see this being working on Nathan. If I wasn't already hitting the crash level of memory usage I'd give it a whirl.

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    Great work!
    Accomplished with RT2, RSS, FAR, RealFuels:

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    Thanks, folks.

    Ratzap, except for like a meg or two of parts, it shouldn't take any memory to speak of.

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    I see your name, Nathan, on an awful lot of the best mods, do you ever get any time to actually play? Or eat?! Cheers for the hard work.

    Quick question - the global scalar for g-tolerance: set to 2.5, does this mean that all parts will explode at 2.5g's? Or is it a multiplier to some other property? How would I "turn off" g-induced damage?

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    So, this is DR Continued, continued?
    Seeing a spacesuited astronaut standing on a platform on the end of the robot arm in space is a crystal-clear sign we live in the future.

    You can't fix Stupid with Duct tape
    (Intended to be "Stupid")

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    Quote Originally Posted by p1t1o View Post
    Quick question - the global scalar for g-tolerance: set to 2.5, does this mean that all parts will explode at 2.5g's? Or is it a multiplier to some other property? How would I "turn off" g-induced damage?
    As an addendum to this question, have the g values changed significantly from the 2.3 version? I've only just started dipping my toes into DR and it seems wise to be aware of significant changes of that sort.

    Semi-related: re-entry effects are positively terrifying now and I love it.

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